Lenze 9300 Vector

Frequency inverter

The 9300 Vector series of VFDs

Rated power 22-30KW

Rated voltage 400-480 VAC

Weight 15.00 kg

Rated power 75-90KW

Rated voltage 400-480 VAC

Weight 51.00 kg

The 9300 drives are vector-controlled frequency converters allotted for aggregate transfer schemes with high requirements on dynamics and control exactness.

The 9300 vector runs with or out of speed responsiveness and ensures big precision management of asynchronous engines, incoming the facilities of a servo drive. This series has built-in functions for various applications, such as automatic detection of motor parameters, speed synchronization with another frequency drive in the "Master - Slave" mode, and the power of motors connected to the drive up to 500 kW. Lenze 9300 EVS / EVF converters find their application in manufactured automation , in engine apparatus structure, in monitoring frames for pumps, fans, compressors, in landscape transportation of goods, in filling and pack equipment, in special mechanisms, etc.

Lenze SMVector Preset Functions:

  • speed/torque check;
  • step monitoring;
  • control of the distance traveled;
  • digital frequency connection;
  • expansion slot for communication pitches;
  • method bus interface (CAN) for networking devices;
  • incremental encoder input for feedback;
  • one master frequency input and one output (for precision, synchronically controllable or multi-engine configurations);
  • thermal controller input for communication with the engine temperature transducer (motor defense);
  • possibility of diagnostics and parameterization both using the remote control and through communication modules employment the general drive monitoring software;
  • numeric and analog entry/exits;
  • password protection.

Frequency converters 9300 Servo

The 9300 servo is the most efficient inverter for controlling asynchronous and synchronous motors in the power range 0.37-75kW.

The base model of the 9300 servo drive is designed to operate in speed feedback mode (using a resolver or encoder as a sensor). Its main components are: an integrated system bus for connecting several controllers in a network, two PID controllers, freely configurable blocks for processing analog, digital and phase signals. The servo provides a speed control depth of 1:10,000, control dynamics of 6-20 ms/1000 rpm, phase control with a resolution of 0.005° (16 bits per 1 revolution). Input and output control frequency ranges 0-500 kHz.

Various software options - 9300 Register, 9300 Cam Profile, 9300 Positioner, 9300-servo PLC - make it possible to solve almost any task in the areas of: feeds and main movements in metal-cutting machines, distributed control systems, automatic lines, in the woodworking, package, stamping, textile industry.
Servo drive Lenze 9300 stop check.

Register Control is used on machines that process material to the correct length or on presses that require slitting, perforating, embossing or splicing material to the required length. Preset technology reduces design and programming time. Freely configurable function blocks allow you to quickly create the required technological system. The control register built into the servo converter additionally corrects and aligns the angular position in the rollers, printing cylinders or other mechanisms to the desired position in order to eliminate measurement errors associated with the properties of the processed material.

Instrument features include:
• Fast commissioning;
• Great flexibility in programming;
• High return;
• Correction of the register “on the fly”;
• Learning function for setting the start mark;
• Adjustable window for label capturing;
• Compensator for correcting the reduction factor;
• Changeable characteristics;
• The presence of an internal interpolator that implements the function of smooth acceleration and deceleration;
• Adjustable label capture channel compensation;
• Freely configurable function blocks;
• Communication with peripheral furnishing via outer plug-in mods: INTERBUS, PROFIBUS, LECOM A/B (RS 232, RS 485);
• Integrated system bus (CAN).

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