Lenze 9400 High Line

Axis modules

Frequency inverter

SI E94A High 17A kpl. Geraet

SI E94A High 24A kpl. Geraet

Servo Drives 9400 HighLine, Single Drive, 59Aб, 30 kW

Modules for Servo Drives

A USB adapter can be used to diagnose the drive using a computer. 

SI E94A High 2A kpl. Geraet
SI E94A High 2A kpl. Geraet
SI E94A High 2A kpl. Geraet
SI E94A High 2A kpl. Geraet
SI E94A High 2A kpl. Geraet
SI E94A High 2A kpl. Geraet
SI E94A High 2A kpl. Geraet
SI E94A High 3A kpl. Geraet
SI E94A High 3A kpl. Geraet
SI E94A High 3A kpl. Geraet
SI E94A High 3A kpl. Geraet
SI E94A High 3A kpl. Geraet
SI E94A High 3A kpl. Geraet
SI E94A High 4A kpl. Geraet
SI E94A High 4A kpl. Geraet

The 9400 HighLine servodrive is appropriate for exact, dynamical motions and impresses with complex motor problems in selected applications. The well thought-out assembly concept ensures easy installation and assembly of the devices. The High Line 9400 is an adapted servo drive for decentralized check schemes.

A servo or servo drive is a mechanical drive with automatic state correction through internal negative feedback, in accordance with parameters set from outside.

What is a Lenze servo for?

The servo drive is designed to provide the parameters necessary for the operation of machine tools that require extreme precision and high power. It is equipped with a sensor that determines a specific parameter, such as speed or effort. If it is necessary to create a group of servo drives, then a controller with a numerical control system is used for control. The controllers can be programmable, synchronous or asynchronous.

The principle of servos operation

The controller is programmed for a specific mode of operation and sends a signal to the frequency converter. The device supplies the electric motor with a voltage of the required frequency and magnitude. The power unit moves the actuator at a given speed and torque corresponding to the load.

Distinctive features

How is a servo motor different from a standard electric motor? The difference lies in the ability to set the exact position of the shaft. Almost any drive that has a sensor and a control unit in its design can be considered a servo drive if it maintains the required parameters in automatic mode.

The Lenze 9400 HighLine servo is accessible in Single Drive and Multi Drive versions.

  1. Single drive. Single axis servomotors include mains supply, intermediate circuit and inverter. Strainer basics and a brake chopper are built into the drive controller, which enable stand-alone use in apportioned control cabinet installations.
  2. Multi Drive. Multi-axis servomotors are especially suitable for centralized, compact multi-axis schems. The vitality exchange in the intermediate circuit (via the DC bus) decreases the capacity consumption on the line side. All axles are connected to the same power supply and use the same drag chopper and EMC filter, greatly decreasing stuff and setting expenses. The combined DC link bus system on drive controllers up to 11 kW enables a space-saving installation.

Advantages of Lenze E94

Such devices are easy to install and operate, do not create much noise during operation, and are also characterized by accuracy and smoothness even at low shaft speeds. Due to their high reliability and reliability, servo drives can be used even in critical equipment.

  • Resolver inlet and multipurpose multicoder inlet
  • Endorses synchronistic and asynchronous engines
  • Supply specialize functionality due to the interconnection of functional blocks
  • Universal and free customizable technology functions, eg. B. for table positioning, stationing inspection, electronic mechanism, cam
  • Scalable security features

Servo Applications

Servomotors are spent in manufactured robots, valves, gate valves and so on. In any high-precision device, a servo will be a must. This is especially true for mechanisms equipped with a high-speed drive. Such devices are widely used in aircraft modeling.

Servomotor are as well spent in modern heating systems. They work in conjunction with a thermostat and often have a pair of sensors that send a signal to the thermostat. In the automobile sector, servo discs have also found their way. A striking example here is the trunk servo drive of a modern passenger car.

Benefits of Lenze 9400 High Line:

  • Turntable positioning
  • Sequential positioning method
  • Electronic gear and position synchronization by synchronization mark
  • Drive mechanism (velocity monitoring, torque control)
  • The appointment block editor of the L force Engineer software can easily and flexibly adapt the drive to process requirements.

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