Lenze Frequency Inverters

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Frequency convertor 8200 vector e82ev552k4c
Lenze 8200 Vector frequency divers for system solutions

Lenze 8200 E82E frequency drive for cabinet mounting with 4poles with modular communication LECOM, PROFIBUS, INTERBUS, DeviceNet, CANopen and CAN.

Lenze AC drive 8200 Vector with 7.5kW, 400V 3Ph motor in Flux Vector of VxF contorol to 16.5A.

OPERATOR KEYPAD MODULE Serve to visualize and adjust the operational parameters of the frequency converter.

8400 HighLine frequency inverters for easy motion and positioning control.

  • 11 kw
  • 5.8 kg

Lenze 8400 HighLine three-phase frequency converter.

Lenze 8400 HighLine frequency converter.

  • The power range is 0.37 kW ... 45 kW
  • The supply voltage is 200/230 V (1ph) or 400/480 V (3ph)
  • The frequency of the supply voltage is 50/60 Hz

Lenze 8400 StateLine C Series AC Frequency Inverter for 1.5kW (2HP) 230V 1 Ph motor in VxF or Flux Vector control to 7.0A

Lenze 8400 E84AVS  E84AVSCE2512 drive 

Frequency convertor 8400 e84avsce7514sx0
Inverter Drives 8400 StateLine for system solutions

Lenze 8200 SMD ESMD552L4TXA Frequency drive with linear or quadratic control of the scalar (non-vector) control.

Lenze 8200 SMD ESMD752L4TXA Frequency drive with linear or quadratic control of the scalar (non-vector) control.

Frequency inverter drives SMV esv402n04txb - drive unit with vector management

Frequency inverter drives SMV esv751n04txb - drive unit with vector control

Rated power 22-30KW

Rated voltage 400-480 VAC

Weight 15.00 kg

Rated power 75-90KW

Rated voltage 400-480 VAC

Weight 51.00 kg



Frequency inverter

  • Rated power: 22 kW
  • Ambient temperature: -10...55 C
  • Enclosure rating: IP20


Frequency inverter

  • Power: 3kw
  • Rated Current: 7.3A
  • Weight: 10 lbs

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