Lenze Motors

Gearbox g500-B45 Motor MCS 06F41
Rated power 0,51 kW
Rated frequency 270 Hz
Ratio 25,051
Output speed 161,7 r/min
Output torque 29 Nm
Load capacity 1,29
Motor mounting to gearbox Direct mounting (integr. mot.)
Enclosure IP54

  • 1,5kW
  • 1.435 I = 13,105 rpm
  • Designation Forced ventilation

Servo compact motor

AC asynchronous motor MXXMA Z1

Asynchronous motor 

Engine 15621060

Asynchronous motor 

Lenze motor

The electric motor is the very heart of just about any industrial system application. It’s one of the most important technological and engineering elements. That’s why the Lenze Group, well-known worldwide for advanced engineering, quality, and innovation, pays special attention to design, production, and support for its products.  

What is a Lenze motor?

With many years of experience and expertise, Lenze has developed the widest variety of electric motor equipment for any industry and purpose. This presents a customer with the greatest opportunity to choose between the large variety of products finding the best fit solution.

Featuring both asynchronous and synchronous motors in its product line, Lenze offers clients the greatest advantage of additional equipment upgrades.

Besides regular electric motors, the concern also manufactures synchronous and asynchronous servo motors and gear motors.

Lenze servo motor

Lenze servo motors provide exceptional operational efficiency and accuracy, especially in joint use with inverters.

There are two major design types of Lenze servo available: synchronous and asynchronous servo motors.

The synchronous servo motors operation principle is based on the use of permanent magnets. This design is well known for its excellent power rating. A client has the opportunity for additional upgrades such as electromechanical brake, cooling fan, pulse rotary sensor, etc. This Lenze product group includes the following series:

  • MCS synchronous servo motors
  • m850 synchronous servo motors
  • MCM synchronous servo motors
  • MDxKS synchronous servo motors.

Asynchronous servo motors by Lenze have a special short-circuited rotor design. This type of servo equipment sports advantages of small size dimensions and minimal noise level.

Because of the small size design, asynchronous servo engines feature a small sliding and inertness moment. Similar to the synchronous servo, additional upgrade devices are available such as brake modules or special fans. This Lenze product group includes the following series:

  1. QA asynchronous servo motors
  2. CA asynchronous servo motors;
  3. DSGA asynchronous servo motors.


One of the best AC engine lines Lenze has to offer is Inverter-operated three-phase AC motors. The product model variety has the widest power range from 0.12 to 45kW. It presents a customer with the opportunity to find the model best suitable for an exact industrial task needed.

AC motors are equipped with standard connectors and a modular system, which makes them easy to install and operate. These devices' design features a direct drive connection which helped to save compartment and cabinet space. This Lenze product group includes the following series:

  • MF three-phase AC motors optimized for inverter operation
  • IE3  m550-P three-phase AC motors for inverter operation
  • IE2  MH three-phase AC motors for inverter operation
  • IE1  MD three-phase AC motors for inverter operation.

Mains-operated three-phase AC motors. These engines are designed for direct network connections. The product category has the widest array of model design options presenting a customer with the opportunity to choose the option best fit for his electrical network spec requirements.

Three-phase Lenze AC engines are equipped with a temperature control sensor feature protecting them from overheating. This Lenze product group includes the following series:

Lenze Smart Motor for mains operation

  • E3  m240-P three-phase AC motors for mains operation
  • E2  MH three-phase AC motors for mains operation
  • E1  MD three-phase AC motors for mains operation
  • E1 MD/IE2 MH basic three-phase AC motors.

Lenze DC motor products are also available for sale.

Lenze Gearbox

Along with motors, the company has developed and manufactured the product line of Lenze motor gearboxes. The widest variety of model-type options is available to choose from.

Lenze gear motor is a two-part system that consists of an engine and a reduction gearbox.  Gearbox product groups include:

  • ST. A series of cylindrical gear motors
  • FL. A series of flat gear motors
  • KR. Series of bevel gear motors
  • SS. Worm-cylindrical devices
  • KS. Conic-cylindrical design.

here are Lenze drives made?

Originally from Germany, Lenze now has set the German quality mark over its worldwide technology, engineering, and manufacturing presence.

For over 70 years, Lenze has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing high-quality electric motors worldwide, ranking number one for quality, superior technology, and dependability.

Lenze has a long-established global presence with sales, support, and consulting offices in more than 60 countries. It assures a premium tier attention to customer needs, top-quality customer service, and timely service support.

Eltra Trade offers the widest array of Lenze Motors. We will be happy to provide you with the necessary assistance and supplemental materials helping to find the best Lenze electric motor solution at a competitive price to perfectly fit your industry and application case. Contact us today!