Lenze Stock



Frequency inverter

  • Power: 3kw
  • Rated Current: 7.3A
  • Weight: 10 lbs

Lenze (Germany) is a manufacturer of drive technology, various gearboxes and complete systems of the highest quality, designed for industrial automation. In this field of activity, Lenze has been the undisputed leader for many years. The company was founded in Germany in 1947.

The founder of the company, the German Hans Lenz, began his production with belt pulley variators (trade name Simplabelt). Lenze produces only high-quality drive technology, without being distracted by the production of other consumer and industrial electronics.

Lenze provides technical solutions in the field of automation with integrated software, visualization and control, as well as system engineering, connection technology and other services.

Key areas of the Lenze products:

  • Gearboxes. Mechanical transfer of energy by rotation, converting the frequency of rotation and torque in magnitude.
  • Motor variators. A device that transmits torque and is able to smoothly change the gear ratio in a certain range of regulation. Changing the gear ratio can be done automatically, according to a given program or manually.
  • Geared motors. Regardless of the application, they have a backlash of less than 7 arc minutes, which is the key to their quality and long-term operation.
  • AC and DC motors. AC motors use alternating current to generate mechanical power. The standard design consists of a stator with a winding built in around the circumference and a freely rotating metal part (rotor) in the center.  DC motors use direct current with constant voltage to generate mechanical power. Consist of a rotating armature winding and an excitation stator with windings that form a set of stationary electromagnets. Another key component of a DC motor is the commutator attached to the armature.
  • Servomotors. High quality asynchronous and synchronous motors with encoder feedback have the lowest torque ripple due to the application of know-how in the manufacture of the stator.
  • Frequency converters. The frequency drive with vector control for operation in systems with uneven overloads is characterized by a large overload capacity, high torque over the entire speed range.
  • Servos. Mechanical drive with automatic state correction through internal negative feedback, in accordance with externally set parameters.
  • Controllers. Control device in electronics and computer technology. Most often used for process automation.
  • Industrial computers. There are computers designed to ensure the operation of software in an industrial production process at an enterprise, for example, automated process control systems in the framework of process automation.
  • Software development. There is an integral part of software engineering. Necessary for writing codes and testing programs at all stages of development, for finding and fixing errors, updates.
  • Visualization systems. A set of means for displaying information about the progress of the process, the state of the equipment and the values of the measured parameters in graphical form on a monitor or operator panel.

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