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500 706 20

  • Measuring range: 0-150 mm
  • Measurement accuracy: 0.01 mm
  • Absolute Digimatic system: allows you to immediately display the measurement result without the need to set the zero first.
  • IP67 protection: protects the device from water and dust.



  • Data output in ASCII format
  • Baud rate up to 9600 baud
  • Data bits 8
  • Stop bits 1

At present, many industries cannot exist without high-precision measurements of characteristics and parameters. One of the leaders in the production of measuring tools is Mitutoyo, founded in 1934. Many years of experience and the development of new technologies allow the company to provide advanced solutions to an increasing number of enterprises in various industries around the world:

  • aerospace
  • automotive industry
  • defense
  • electronics
  • energy
  • general production
  • medical
  • production of plastics and rubber

Mitutoyo measuring equipment catalog

The hand measuring tool is high precision and ease of use. The range includes more than 8500 products. Mitutoyo hand tools offer solutions for every application and every need:

  • Digital calipers (Absolute Digimatic) and analog calipers provide universal measurements of the inner diameter of holes, diameters, groove thickness, pipe thickness and hard-to-reach places;
  • Micrometers and micrometer heads Digimatic and mechanical - fast and accurate measurement, have functions and special contacts for any application;
  • Indicators digital (Absolute Digimatic), lever and clock type provide increased reliability, sensitivity, usability, functionality and readability;
  • Thickness gauges - accurate measurement of even the most difficult thicknesses (thickness of a sheet of paper or hair);
  • Bore gauges two-point, three-point and standard single rod bore gauges, as well as a full range of interchangeable measuring heads, provide 50% better accuracy than competing equipment;
  • Depth Gauges are a wide range of highly accurate and reliable tools for measuring grooves, steps, holes and ledges;
  • Altimeters - accurate, easy-to-use height gauges with digital or vernier scales.

Mitutoyo coordinate measuring machines are built for high-precision 3D measurement. There is a wide range of machines for various sizes (small, medium and large) and accuracy classes.

Shape measurement - tools that measure the surface roughness, shape and contour of the product.

Optical measuring systems – microscopes and objectives with long working distances and high resolutions for non-contact measurement.

Sensor systems – laser scanned linear probes and micrometers for workpieces of all types: large and small, fragile or strong. Sensors and micrometers have fast data transfer and increased measurement accuracy.

Feature of Mitutoyo tools

Mitutoyo measuring tools have a number of advantages over their competitors:

  • innovative solutions
  • quality control
  • strict standards
  • measurements with microscopic precision
  • increased uptime
  • wide range of solutions

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