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5.3 VA, 23 mA, M20 x 1.5

G1/4, 5/2, 1…10 bar, Electrically actuated


din en 175 301 803 b

  • Voltage: 24 Vdc.
  • Rated current: 1 А
  • Protection class: IP00
  • Dimensions: 60 mm × 30 mm × 20 mm

Fitting MA016C QUIETAIRE, RP2, 290PSI


Roundline Cylinder 

  • Operation: Single acting
  • Stroke length: 40 mm
  • Port size: Rc1/8


Solenoid valve

  • Working pressure: 0.9-16 bar
  • Temperature: -15...+ 80 °C
  • Protection: IP65


Olympian Plus

  • Temperature: -20...+80 °C
  • Diameter of connection: 3/4
  • Set pressure: 6.3 bar 
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G1/8, 3/2, Sol/Air spring, 750 l/min


1258133.0000 00000

  • Type: Quick disconnect
  • Size: 1/4" NPT
  • Pressure: 16 bar
  • Temperature: -20...+80°C
  • Material: Nickel chrome steel


V415523D C313A

  • Number of positions: 3
  • Control type: electromagnetic
  • Working pressure: up to 20 bar
  • Rated voltage: 24 V DC

Series precision pressure regulator


Connection thread size: M12x1

Cable length: 5 MM

Spare Ex-Solenoid


Pressure Switch

B52G Series stainless steel filter/regulator

Excelon filter/regulator

Service kit 

Filter Regulator

Impact cylinder M 3030M

Air bellow M 31062

Air bellow M 31082

Air bellow M 31142

Magnetic and Reed Switches

Repairable Roundline Cylinders

Repairable Roundline Cylinders

Rotary vane actuator M 60284 TI 90

Norgren Products

Norgren industrial equipment is designed for liquid and gas flow control in a broad range of industrial applications.

ISOLine Profile and Tie-Rod Cylinders

Pneumatic cylinders are one of the most demanded Norgren products. They are key parts of any pneumatic automation system. Eltra offers Norgren Isoline pneumatics cylinders featuring the most options and functions required in the field of industrial pneumatics. Isoline devices are tie-rod cylinders with enhanced mechanical protection. They are equipped with standard fittings with enlarged holes and pins. All Norgren ISO cylinders are ISO-certified and compliant to ISO 15552 requirements.

A broad range of Norgren single action and double action, magnetic piston extended profile range cylinders are presented in this production group. Different models sport cylinder strokes varying from 10 to 2000 mm.   

Impeccable quality standards and breakthrough engineering made these pneumatic cylinders extremely reliable, efficient and durable.

To wrap it up, let’s briefly go over the major advantages of ISOLine pneumatics cylinders:

  • Manufactured under strict quality control
  • ISO-standard
  • Variety of unique models for all purposes
  • Efficient, adaptive, reliable and durable.

Air Bellows

Air bellows are devices providing damping vibrations and shocks to extend the cylinder lifetime and to vary its features by changing inner pressure. These units are an integral part of any industrial pneumatic system. That is why it’s so important to ensure you have the best quality Norgren air below in your solution design as well as sufficient supply of spare air bellows in stock.

Along with the classic design devices Norgren offers compact air bellows. Compact units are perfect for engineering application solutions where high force short strokes are required.

There are unsurpassed features that makes Norgren air bellows unique:

  • Ideal high force short strokes applications
  • Maintenance and lubrication-free
  • Highest vibration isolation degree
  • Compact, lightweight, easy convenient installation.

Classic Cylinders

Compact Pneumatic Cylinders

Norgren compact cylinders are devices designed for small-sized industrial pneumatics systems. Engineering solutions employed in their design provided the performance with an efficiency similar to the classical full-size cylinders. Unlike other cylinder series on the market Norgren compact cylinders produce “a small stroke” which is shorter than other Norgren or competitors cylinders’ strokes. That makes compact Norgren cylinders unique of a kind.

The main feature of Norgren compact cylinders is to provide and maintain a high-power, small-stroke operating pattern. Compact cylinders line sizes vary from 20 to 80 mm. That provides the stroke length range anywhere between 15 and 80 mm. Norgren compact cylinders are double-acting, ISO 21287 compliant devices.

  • Integrated Valve and Actuator Control (IVAC)
  • Rodless Lintra Cylinders & Actuators
  • Rotary Actuators
  • Roundline Cylinders
  • Slides and Guided Units
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Stainless Steel Actuators
  • Spare parts for Cylinders & Regulators
  • Service kits and fittings for Cylinders

To obtain more information please refer to our Norgren Catalog 

Why Norgren

What makes Norgren products so special and highly required on the market?

  1. Top-notch breakthrough engineering approach. Norgren is the industry leader for innovative industrial application solutions in liquid and gas flow control and pneumatics. By purchasing Norgren products you employ top-notch technology allowing you to get ahead of the competition in advanced engineering and cost-efficiency.
  2. Quality. Norgren has a very strict “quality gate”. This approach originates in an uncompromising culture of high-quality standards brought up in the company. It is also supported by EU and US quality regulations, requirements, procedures, and certifications IMI plc has to comply with on the company’s US- and EU-based plants.
  3. Uniqueness. Many Norgren products are still unique in their kind, regardless of whether or not anyone has managed to produce a similar product so far, or competitors' products are far from them in quality, design, reliability, or performance.

Please pay attention to the following unique items in the Norgren catalog:

  • Norgren highest quality, top-productivity cylinders including the unsurpassed Norgren Pneumatic Air Cylinders & Actuators
  • Norgren ‘know-how’ air preparation systems, since 1927
  • ‘All-environments’, ‘all-operations’ multifunctional pressure switches and sensors
  • The widest line of vacuum equipment
  • Flaps with various technical features.

The Company

Founded in 1925 by Carl Norgren in Denver Colorado, Norgren has a long successful history and proven achievements in the field of invention, design, production, and distribution of innovative advanced technology industrial solutions. Norgren brand is renowned worldwide as the number one for precise motion control and fluid technology engineering.

Today, Norgren, a part of IMI plc, is proud to develop its traditions of innovative success and advanced technological solutions by cooperating with customers all around the world. Norgren products are well-known across more than 50 countries for quality, reliability, and innovative approach. By offering and delivering breakthrough engineering solutions, the company sets the highest industrial solution standards in fields of Energy, Commercial Vehicles, Factory Automation, Life Science, Material Handling, Rail,  Process Control, and others.

Our offer

Eltra Trade has been a Norgren brand distributor for many years. We’re glad to offer the entire Norgren product line to our customers. Please see our Norgren cylinder catalog along with Norgren pneumatics represented on our website.

Eltra Trade representatives are always ready to provide necessary advice on choosing the right product best fit for your industrial application task. We provide Norgren products at very competitive affordable prices. It will bring more to your bottom line making your industrial solutions technology-effective and cost-efficient at once. Please contact us right now for a great Norgren solution at the best price.