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Norgren Air Preparation is a complete system used to improve the quality of compressed air used in industrial and other applications.

The norgren air system consists of main components

1. Filters

Filters - Depending on the application, the job of filters is to remove dirt and water, oil droplets or oil vapor from the compressed air stream. The mesh size of the filter will determine the maximum size of particles that can be passed, and for a "general purpose filter" this will typically be 40 microns; a "depth filter" design will also remove long strands. Filters can be "dual-filtered" for certain applications - a general purpose filter (40 microns) should remove at least 95% of the water content at the specified temperature (if it meets ISO8573 Class 8 for water extraction); combining the two together will effectively remove 99.5% of the water. The "golden rule" is that the general purpose filters (40 micron, then 5 micron if required) MUST precede the oil removal filter, and both MUST precede the oil vapor removal filter.

Norgren offers a wide range of filters with different characteristics to meet your specific needs:

  • Filter type: Coarse filters, fine filters, coalescing filters, adsorption filters.
  • Degree of purification: 0.01 micron, 0.001 micron, 0.0001 micron.
  • Maximum pressure: 10 bar, 20 bar, 30 bar, 40 bar.
  • Capacity: 10 l/min, 100 l/min, 1000 l/min, 10000 l/min.

2. Pressure regulators

Regulators - A regulator works to reduce the outlet pressure to the required operating level, usually by adjusting the spring tension against the supply pressure. For example, a compressor can provide 10 bar of pressure in the ductwork, but the application may only require 6 bar for optimal performance; Excessive pressure on a subsystem can shorten component life and will certainly result in wasted energy and money as shown above.

Norgren offers a wide range of pressure regulators with different control ranges and features:

  • Control range: 0-1 bar, 0-10 bar, 0-20 bar, 0-30 bar.
  • Maximum pressure: 10 bar, 20 bar, 30 bar, 40 bar.
  • Productivity: 10 l/min, 100 l/min, 1000 l/min, 10000 l/min.

3. Lubricants

Lubricants are important devices used to improve the performance of pneumatic systems. When properly selected and used, lubricants can help save money, improve productivity, and extend the life of your pneumatic equipment.

Norgren offers a wide range of lubricants with different lubricant types and characteristics:

  • Lubricant type: Mineral oil, synthetic oil, biodegradable oil.
  • Lubricant supply control: Manual, automatic.
  • Maximum pressure: 10 bar, 20 bar, 30 bar, 40 bar.
  • Productivity: 10 l/min, 100 l/min, 1000 l/min, 10000 l/min.

4. Pressure relief valve

Pressure relief valve - A norgren air control valve is designed to ensure that the pressure does not exceed an adjustable, preset value. This is important to ensure that components or applications are not subjected to excessive pressure beyond their optimum performance, resulting in a reduced service life. Typically, a relief valve can be configured by adjusting the spring tension against the inlet pressure; when the inlet pressure exceeds a preset value, the valve lifts and releases the excess pressure.

5. Shut-off valves

Shut-off valves - Shut-off valves provide a means of blocking the flow of air into the subsystem. They can function as 2/2, but 3/2 is recommended to allow the outlet pressure in the isolated subsystem to escape for safe operation.

The benefits of Norgren Air Treatment

  • Providing clean and dry air: This is important for many industrial processes as well as for the operation of norgren pneumatic tools.
  • Maintaining a stable air pressure: This ensures that norgren pneumatic tools and equipment will work properly.
  • Lubricating pneumatic tools: This helps them run longer and more efficiently.
  • Preventing damage to the pneumatic system: removing condensation from the air prevents it from accumulating and causing rust.
  • Wide range of products: Norgren offers a wide range of filters, pressure regulators, lubricants and drain valves to meet your specific needs.
  • Modular design: The  system has a modular design that makes it easy to customize to your needs.
  • High quality and reliability: Norgren is a world leader in pneumatic equipment, and the Norgren Air Treatment System is known for its high quality and reliability.
  • Easy to install and maintain: Norgren Air  is easy to install and maintain.