Norgren Compact Pneumatic Cylinders

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Pneumatic Cylinder

Norgren compact cylinders are a kind of equipment that is necessary to use in small-sized systems to provide similar efficiency as the standard ones. Their main feature making compact cylinders by Norgren a unique masterpiece of industrial technology is their small stroke that is shorter than the stroke in other kinds of pneumatic cylinders provided by Norgren or even other brands.

The main purpose of that kind of cylinders is maintaining high power in combination with a small stroke. Cylinders in the range of compact line have quite a compact size as their diameter varies from 20 mm to 80 mm. The stroke length also varies from 15 mm to 80 mm. These are cylinders of a double-acting ensured by ISO 21287 standards.

Compact cylinders are a part of Norgren air systems as they are an efficient mean to provide each system with reliable and long-lasting work. Their main merits are the following:

  • Compact size;
  • Diversity of diameters and stroke lengths;
  • Easy mounting;
  • Maintenance-free origin;
  • High-quality materials use;
  • Full consequence for ISO 21287 standards.

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