Norgren ISO Compact Cylinders

Norgren Pneumatic cylinders Double Action RM/960/X/150

Compact pneumatic cylinders convert the energy of the compressed gas into mechanical motion and transfer it to the moving assembly of the actuator. Because the working medium is air rather than more expensive oils and does not need to be recycled back to the compressor, compact pneumatic cylinders are used in an increasing number of applications. Today we will take a closer look at the Norgren RA 192 compact cylinders.

What is the Norgren RA 192?

Pneumatic cylinders Norgren RA 192 are made according to the standards of compact cylinders. These cylinders are used in cases where it is required to combine lightweight and compact dimensions with high force on the rod and high reliability of the pneumatic cylinder.

Norgren RA 192 compact pneumatic cylinders are of double-acting design and have an operating pressure of 1 to 10 bar and an operating temperature of -5 to 80 °C.

Pneumatic cylinders Norgren - is primarily in strict compliance with ISO 21287 standards, impeccable quality, and reliability. Thanks to a large, constantly expanding list of standard sizes and designs, it will not be difficult to choose new, energy-efficient equipment to replace obsolete and failed units.

Norgen compact pneumatic cylinders are used in the following areas:

  • press production;
  • bottling and packaging of food and other products;
  • packaging equipment;
  • loading and unloading equipment;
  • Vehicle;
  • conveyor lines and other areas.

How does Norgren RA 192 Compact Cylinder Work?

Compact pneumatic cylinders are used to convert compressed air energy into linear mechanical movement. Basically, piston pneumatic cylinders are designed to convert compressed air into the movement of a piston rod. The principle of operation of the pneumatic cylinder is as follows: compressed air is supplied to one of the cavities of the cylinder, and the piston moves along with the rod and creates a pushing force. To make a reverse stroke, a direction is made into the rod cavity, and the piston must be connected to the atmosphere. It is because of the compressed air and its pressure that the part will gradually begin to move, and its stem will move.

In the process of directing compressed air flows into two types of cavities, as well as for better connection with the atmosphere, the distributors are used.

Compact double-acting Norgren RA 192 pneumatic cylinders are used when linear movements in two directions are required. In the double-sided forward and reverse stroke of the rod, compressed air is supplied to one of the two cavities, and the cavity where compressed air is not supplied is connected to the atmosphere. Any of the positions of the rod is working, in other words, the rod can push with a load, and also pull under a load, this is ensured thanks to the add. seals that eliminate stem leakage.

ISO Compact Cylinder

ISO cylinders are designed in accordance with the international standard set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). As long as the standard number is identical, the mounting dimensions apply worldwide. ISO compact cylinders made according to the latest ISO 21287 standards in various designs - reinforced, for high-temperature conditions, with a minimized friction coefficient.