Norgren ISO VDMA cylinders

VSM/55625/N2/80, Magnetic piston, double acting, hollow piston rod cylinder 

ISO/VDMA Tie Rod 200mm bore 100mm stroke Cylinder

ISO/VDMA Tie Rod 200mm bore 125mm stroke Cylinder

ISO/VDMA Tie Rod 200mm bore 160mm stroke Cylinder
ISO/VDMA Tie Rod 200mm bore 320mm stroke Cylinder
ISO/VDMA Tie Rod 200mm bore 500mm stroke Cylinder
ISO/VDMA Tie Rod 200mm bore 80mm stroke Cylinder
ISO/VDMA Tie Rod 250mm bore 100mm stroke Cylinder
ISO/VDMA Tie Rod 250mm bore 200mm stroke Cylinder
ISO/VDMA Tie Rod 250mm bore 320mm stroke Cylinder
ISO/VDMA Tie Rod 250mm bore 400mm stroke Cylinder

One of the most popular industrial cylinder solutions, ISO/VDMA cylinders are high-performance actuators that meet ISO/VDMA standards. VDMA cylinders are reliable and versatile, as evidenced by their compatibility with other brands. This interchangeability means that VDMA cylinders by Norgren can be used in a wide range of industries and applications. Below, we will talk in more detail about these devices.

Features of Norgren ISO VDMA Cylinders

Let's learn more about ISO VDMA cylinder features.

ISO and VDMA standards
Norgren ISO VDMA cylinders are designed and manufactured to ISO 15552, ISO 6431, and VDMA 24562 standards. This ensures interchangeability and compatibility with other components and systems meeting the same standards.

Variety of sizes
These cylinders are available in various bore sizes, stroke lengths, and mounting options to suit different application requirements. Standard hole sizes include, but are not limited to, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, and 100mm.

High-quality construction
Norgren manufactures its ISO VDMA cylinders from high-quality materials such as aluminum or stainless steel to ensure durability and long service life.

Smooth operation
These devices often feature precision machined components and seals to ensure smooth, reliable operation. Low-friction materials can be used to reduce wear and extend cylinder life.

Variety of piston rods
Depending on the specific model, Norgren ISO VDMA cylinders may offer a variety of piston rod end styles, including male or female threads, lug-end ends, or other custom options.

Adjustable cushioning
Some cylinder models include adjustable damping options to control piston speed and end-stroke shock, improving cylinder performance and safety.

Seal options
Norgren offers a variety of seal materials to suit varying operating conditions and media compatibility, providing effective sealing and preventing air leakage.

Corrosion protection
According to ISO and VDMA standards, Norgren manufactures corrosion-resistant cylinders. Some cylinders have additional coatings or treatments depending on the application and environment.

Norgren can provide customization options to tailor the cylinder to a customer's specific requirements, such as custom mounts, stroke lengths, or rod ends.

Compliance with industry standards
Norgren ISO VDMA cylinders are designed to meet or exceed relevant industry and safety standards, ensuring their reliability and suitability for various industrial applications.

Benefits of Choosing Norgren ISO VDMA Cylinders

Next, we will take a closer look at what benefits you get when you buy Norgren pneumatic cylinders.

Norgren is known for producing high-quality pneumatic products, including ISO VDMA cylinders. These cylinders are designed and manufactured to strict quality standards, ensuring reliable and consistent performance.

Every Norgren cylinder meets international standards such as ISO 6431, 15552, and VDMA 24562. This means that they are interchangeable with cylinders from other manufacturers that also follow these standards. This interchangeability simplifies maintenance and replacement, reducing downtime and costs.

Wide range of options
Norgren offers a wide range of ISO VDMA cylinders with different bore sizes, stroke lengths, and mounting options. This wide selection allows you to find the cylinder that best suits your requirements.

These cylinders are typically made from high-quality materials such as aluminum or stainless steel to ensure durability and resistance to corrosion. This durability means longer service life and reduced maintenance needs.

Standardized installation
Every ISO cylinder has standardized mounting interfaces (e.g., ISO 15552), allowing them to be easily integrated into existing systems and compatible with a wide range of accessories and mounting configurations.

Setting options
Norgren can offer customization options to meet specific application requirements. If you need custom fasteners, piston rod ends, or other modifications, they can often meet your needs.

Norgren ISO VDMA cylinders feature adjustable damping options to control piston speed and end-stroke shock. This feature enhances safety and protects your equipment from damage.

Applications of Norgren ISO VDMA Cylinders

Now it's time to find out in which areas of the industry you can use Norgren cylinders.

  • Material handling. These cylinders are utilized in material handling equipment, including conveyor systems, lifts, and stackers, to control the movement of goods and materials. They can lift, push, pull, or tilt loads as needed.
  • Machine automation. ISO VDMA cylinders are commonly used in automated manufacturing and assembly lines to handle parts, sorting, clamping, and pick-and-place operations. Their precision and reliability are essential for maintaining consistent production rates.
  • Chemical and petrochemical processes. These cylinders are used in chemical and petrochemical plants for valve actuation, pump control, and other applications that require precise and reliable movement in potentially hazardous environments.
  • Food and beverage industry. In food and beverage processing, these cylinders are used in equipment for filling, capping, sealing, and labeling containers. They are often selected for their corrosion-resistant properties in washdown environments.
  • Packaging machinery. Norgren ISO VDMA cylinders are found in packaging machines for sealing, labeling, and filling tasks. They ensure precise and repeatable movements in packaging processes.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing. These cylinders play a role in pharmaceutical production equipment for tablet pressing, capsule filling, and packaging.
  • Automotive manufacturing. Norgren ISO VDMA cylinders are used in automotive production lines for various operations, including welding, riveting, part assembly, and component testing. They contribute to the efficiency and accuracy of automotive assembly processes.
  • Printing and labeling. In the printing industry, these cylinders are employed in printing presses and label applicators to control paper feed, printing head movement, and label application.
  • Agriculture. These devices are used in agricultural machinery to raise and lower implements, control hydraulic systems, and operate harvesters and seeders.
  • Metalworking. Such equipment is used in metalworking machines such as press brakes, shears, and stamping presses for controlling tooling, bending, cutting, and forming operations.
  • Oil and gas industry. Norgren cylinders can be used in the oil and gas sector for valve actuation, wellhead control, and other applications in challenging environments.
  • Woodworking. Norgren cylinders can be found in woodworking equipment for tasks like sawing, planing, routing, and shaping wood and other materials.
  • Aviation and aerospace. These cylinders are used in aerospace applications such as aircraft landing gear, cargo handling systems, and aerospace testing equipment.
  • Mining and construction. In heavy machinery used in mining and construction, Norgren cylinders are employed for various functions, including earthmoving, excavation, and rock drilling.
  • Renewable energy. Norgren cylinders are found in equipment used to assemble and maintain renewable energy systems, including wind turbines and solar panel production.
  • Textile industry. In textile machinery, these cylinders are utilized in looms, knitting machines, and spinning equipment to control the movement of yarn, fabric, and other materials.