Norgren Rodless Lintra Cylinder

Norgren Lintra Rodless Cylinder is intended for pneumatics with a guide system with a long stroke length (up to 8500 mm). Patented sealing system and built-in dust cover ensure long service life.

Rodless air cylinder is lightweight, high strength aluminum extrusion with integrated switch guide and machine mount grooves for greater versatility. Four bottom bracket types as well as eight hole sizes further expand this flexibility for any employment. The new maze powder band used in the Lintra plus helps in all conditions comprising fug and mud. Rodless barrels come with a completely controllable air pillow as norm and suggest high velocity options for the line starter mart with achievable speeds up to 15 meters per second.

What is a rodless cylinder?

Norgren Lintra has a "soft through rod" cylinder design. The force developed by such a cylinder is similar to the same standard cylinder with the same piston diameter.

Norgren's LINTRA PLUS ranges rodless cylinders are high performance units designed to provide secure and optimal capacity in a large band of manufacturing applications. They are lightweight and come with dust protection as standard.

Lintra Cylinders are optimized for maximum operational versatility in a compact design capable of delivering big productivity composited with safety. Combines all the characteristics of interchangeability, versatility, strength and integrability with a upper burden power.


The main advantages of Norgren rodless pneumatic cylinders are:

  • Double-acting instead of one-acting options.
  • High level of protection provided in these series.
  • Wide range of temperatures available for the use of these rodless cylinders.
  • Diversity of port sizes for connection including G1/2 or M5 ports.
  • Variable stroke length from 350 mm to 700 mm.
  • Allowable pressure in the range of 1… 16 bar.
  • Regulated amortisation is included into basic complect of the pneumatic cylinder.
  • Diminished statical and statical abrasion,
  • Multipurpose mounting holes available on the profile,
  • Several functions for air-driven communications on the heads
  • Meliorated powder security in all releases.

Norgren Lintra Plus rodless units are more capable of carrying hard cargos or barely transferring traffic, manufacturing them appropriate for a broad band of industries. Requests involve rising/conveying, picking and deploymenting, filling, edging, supplying/leading, picking and spraying.

The series has four options:

  1. with internal guide,
  2. outer leadership,
  3. exactness manual
  4. line guide on ball bearings

All versions include a reliable built-in pneumatic damping system that can be used in most applications. Polyurethane gaskets and a accuracy extruded aluminum section that can be integrated directly into the machine make the new Norgren Lintra more stable to wear. Universal assembling slots allow for right mounting of the Lintra Plus topper on the engine and association of many other compositions or materials. In complement, a new rake and new strip/cover strip design prevent dirt from entering.

Lintra Plus barrels are perfect for use in many industries, particularly automobile, engine tackle and material handling, paper and packaging, textiles, woodworking, and food and beverage industries.

Let's take a look at some of the more important benefits:

  • The new scraper design provides defense contra fug in all versions, warranting pure manipulations and durable cylinder life.
  • The new conclusion scheme cut abrasion for sleeker motion.
  • The band/band-cover separator guarantees the best performance.
  • Piston system guide plate provides more aid and burden power.
  • Multipurpose mounting holes provide easy association into the device styling.
  • The focal fixation support lets working with very a long while blows.
  • Air-driven communications are accessible in different functions on Lintra Plus heads.
  • A sophisticated band/cover strip system allows service of the barrel out of the use of instruments.
  • The proprietary sealing scheme uses a geometric "labyrinth" gasket to magnificate cylinder life and ensure smoother movement.
  • The new lighter aluminum profile can be integrated directly into the machine.

All this is making Lintra series one of the best control technologies in today engineering. This is a really impressive solution for various areas of implementation.

In our catalog, you can find all basic types of norgren rodless air cylinder. You are welcome to choose the best one needed for your goals along with accessories to cylinders and Norgren air systems.