Norgren Rodless Lintra Cylinders & Actuators

Lintra Norgren rodless pneumatic cylinders are cylinders for pneumatics with a guide system with a long stroke length (up to 8500 mm). Patented sealing system and built-in dust cover ensure long service life.

These air tools are provided in a wide range of options having diverse features that help an engineer to choose the best one among Norgren Lintra product series. What are these features?

  • Double-acting instead of one-acting options.
  • High level of protection provided in these series.
  • Wide range of temperatures available for the use of these rodless cylinders.
  • Diversity of port sizes for connection including G1/2 or M5 ports.
  • Variable stroke length from 350 mm to 700 mm.
  • Allowable pressure in the range of 1… 16 bar.
  • Regulated amortisation is included into basic complect of the pneumatic cylinder.

All this is making Lintra series one of the best control technologies in today engineering. This is a really impressive solution for various areas of implementation.

In our catalog, all basic types of rodless cylinders are represented in their full range. You are welcome to choose the best one needed for your goals along with accessories to cylinders and air systems by Norgren.