Norgren Rotary Actuators

Rotary vane actuator M 60284 TI 90

Rotary vane actuator M 60286 180

  • Stem position indicator
  • Built-in speed controller
  • Possibility of mounting in any position

Rotary vane actuator M 60288 180

  • Noise level: 70 dBA (at 6 bar)
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Seal material: NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber)
  • Spring material: Steel

Rotary actuator is a ready-to-mount assembly consisting of a ball or roller turntable for the simultaneous transmission of axial and radial forces as well as tilting moments, hydraulically or electrically driven in full.

Rotary modules are delivered ready-made, easy to install and easy to maintain.
Norgren Rotary actuators are widely used mechanical devices found in applications today. such as construction cranes, solar tracking systems and industrial equipment.

A quality state-of-the-art slewing drive incorporates a solid mounting design, slewing bearing, rotary movement and power controls to ensure perfect movement. In operation, the drive converts axial movement (force acting on an axle) into radial/torque torque, allowing larger loads to be rotated with greater precision, as well as providing torque amplification.

Norgern rotary actuator working principle

The motion produced by a rotary actuator can either be continuous, as in an electric motor, or the motion can be a fixed angular rotation. With a rotary actuator that is pneumatically or hydraulically controlled, they are more likely to be of the fixed angular rotation type because the rack or piston that rotates the main shaft can only move a certain distance and therefore the rotational movement is limited to the available linear travel. If more rotation is required, the piston must slide further, alternatively a different gear ratio is used to create movement.

The advantages and principle of operation of Norgren pneumatic actuator provided a wide range of applications. They are used in industries to equip a compressed air control system that ensures the operation of the piston of tools, mechanisms, equipment, depending on the type of production.

The pneumatic actuator is used to operate shutoff valves in the required positions in various industries, various devices and mechanisms that perform monotonous and difficult operations when great human effort is required.

The slewing drive helps to amplify movement in a variety of industries and is ideal for situations that require load and torque to be held from the same gearbox.

IMI Norgren produces two types of pneumatic rotory actuators that are:

  1. of a gear-type;
  2. of a vane design.

Typical applications of actuators include:

  • solar trackers
  • wind turbines
  • satellite and radar dishes
  • truck cranes
  • lifts for people
  • auxiliary equipment
  • attachments for hydraulic equipment
  • oil tool equipment
  • tire loaders
  • excavators and car lifts

Norgren Actuator Types

  1. Compact swivel. Rotary modules are compact rotating units built into a cast iron housing containing a swivel gear ring. The gear rotates the slewing ring with great precision and ensures smooth rotation.
  2. Bladed. This is a hydraulic or pneumatic device used to provide a partial swing movement to ancillary devices such as butterfly valves and ball valves. Unlike conventional types of cylinders and pistons, a vane actuator has a straight vane that travels in a sealed chamber under fluid or gas pressure to provide actuating motion.
  3. Rotary table with two-piston drive. This is a double-acting slewing drive, working on the principle of the interaction of the rack and pinion with a positive lock.
  4. Rotary table with three positions


Norgren rotary actuator consists of a number of elements, each of which is used in cases where certain functions are performed:

  • air collector (air supply and transfer to the system);
  • the filter for removal of pollution and particles of dust from a stream of air;
  • compressor (compresses the air that enters the system);
  • heat exchanger (provides a decrease in air temperature before it is supplied to the air motors);
  • moisture separator to prevent wear of pneumatic system elements from exposure to condensate in a humid environment;
  • a receiver for uniformity and timeliness of compressed air supply;
  • Oil sprayer (injection of lubricating fluid into the air);
  • a pressure reducing valve for supplying a stream of compressed air with a constant pressure to consumers;
  • the distributor for control of movement of output links;
  • pneumatic motor.

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