Norgren Roundline Cylinders


Roundline Cylinder 

  • Operation: Single acting
  • Stroke length: 40 mm
  • Port size: Rc1/8

ISO Roundline Cylinder RM 8025 M 80

Norgren roundline cylinders are the series of special pneumatic equipment designed especially for air systems and fluid environments where light conditions are provided. They require fewer forces to operate and as usual, are supplied by buffers with fixed cushions. 

This series of pneumatic cylinders includes both single-acting and double-acting options with various stroke length. All roundilne cylinders have switch brackets that allow standard M/50 reed switches and solid-state switches to be mounted from the outside of the barrel. Options within these ranges may include stainless steel cylinders, high-temperature versions, non-rotating versions, and guided or reversible piston rod options.

There are few merits that characterizes Norgren round cylinders:

  • They are 20% shorter than ISO/VDMA series.
  • In these cylinders, low friction level and high durability of sealants are provided.
  • They are highly durable.
  • A system full-control provided via a magnetic piston.

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