Norgren Shock Absorbers

Pneumatic shock absorbers are hydraulic components that help to minimize vibrations in industrial systems. Norgren provides manufacturing of the most precise and innovative kinds of such absorbers suitable for all kinds of systems to decrease shock while they are working.

Each model of industrial shock absorbers by Norgren is fully sealed, made of stainless steel, and they are fully maintenance-free. They are used along with actuators that provide a high level of productivity and sometimes can cause big shocking loads on the system.

In our product range of shock absorbers by Norgren, both fixed and adjustable models are available. Their main features making these units a brilliant solution are:

  • Only high-quality materials used for their manufacturing.
  • They fully suit Norgren actuators/cylinders.
  • High durability and reliability are provided.
  • Wide temperature range allows using them in all types of systems.

We are glad to offer to our customers the most innovative and reliable shock absorbers to provide you with the modern solution for your industry goals.