Norgren Slides and Guided Units

We represent the full series of Norgren pneumatic actuators that are also called pneumatic cylinders. These types of equipment are majorly used to give impulse to force and acceleration to any type of industrial pneumatic-based system.

In brief, they are necessary for applications where additional strength and support are required. These linear units provide you with saving time and money. They are indispenble for large conveyor systems, where gliding and stopping are needed.

The range of Norgren air cylinders with slide&glide functions includes both single-acting and double-acting linear slides with variable stroke length.

You may evaluate their bright sides that are the following:

  • High quality of linear actuators that suits the strictest standards of manufacturing.
  • Multi-functionality as they can be implemented in various types of pneumatic systems.
  • Correspondence to ISO standards.
  • Wide range of stroke length from 25 mm to 200 mm.
  • A diverse range of linear actuators' diameters from 10 mm to 80 mm.

All types of slided & guided cylinders are represented in stock. You are welcome to order them for an affordable price in Eltra store.