Norgren Stainless Steel Cylinders

Pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders by Norgren are a real sample of high quality and innovative industrial design that provide an excellent result in every industrial system. One of the most durable and trouble-free types of these pneumatic cylinders are stainless steel actuators.

They are issued in two form-factors: as piston rod cylinders and roundline series. The main feature making Norgren stainless cylinders unique is their high resistance to aggressive environments including corrosion. That makes them suitable to mount in fluid or humid environments, harsh environments with temperature fluctuations etc. All options represented in Norgren stainless steel cylinder catalog are ISO-standard. They adhere to ISO 6342 and ISO 15552 requirements. 

Here are their main features making them the top solution:

  • Easy mounting and maintenance-free origin.
  • Double-acting functionality.
  • Temperature and corrosion tolerance.
  • High-quality materials used.

All these features are good reasons to choose Norgren's stainless steel cylinders for your industrial system. You can order them online in Eltra store. We'll supply you with original Norgren products with delivery for a reasonable price.