Norgren Valves


5.3 VA, 23 mA, M20 x 1.5

G1/4, 5/2, 1…10 bar, Electrically actuated


Solenoid valve

  • Working pressure: 0.9-16 bar
  • Temperature: -15...+ 80 °C
  • Protection: IP65


Olympian Plus

  • Temperature: -20...+80 °C
  • Diameter of connection: 3/4
  • Set pressure: 6.3 bar 
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G1/8, 3/2, Sol/Air spring, 750 l/min

Port SizeG1 / 4
Operating temperature-10 ... 80 ° C

Solenoid valve Serie Brass body - 2/2 - NC - G1"1/4 - 230/50

  • Soffietto 
  • Mech 10x3
  • Reduction

Port size: G1/4
Pressure output: 0.2 ... 1 bar

Proportional valve

Norgren produces one of the most extensive valve lines in the world, designed to solve a wide variety of applications.
For the efficient use of pneumatic cylinders or actuators, it is advisable to use appropriate valve systems that link the pneumatic system to the control circuit of the plant, such as SCADA. Valve systems can be combined to perform complex functions such as cylinder sequencing, blocking machine movement, force control, and more.

All valves are available in a variety of accessories comprising brass, aluminum and stainless steel, as well as special materials for high temperatures or heavy duty applications.

Norgren produces the range of valves for both standard applications and applications requiring ultra-high device reliability under following brands: Herion, Buschjost, Walter, FAS, etc.

Norgren Solenoid Valves

High-quality valves are an indispensable part in systems for the preparation and supply of air or liquid mixtures (depending on the design).

Norgren products are used in all modern industries:

  • oil and gas industry;
  • metalworking;
  • mechanical engineering;
  • food production and laboratory equipment.

Norgren solenoid valves are highly durable and versatile. Due to the unification, these devices can be easily combined with products from other manufacturers. Solenoid flaps pertain to the class of flappers for the broadest band of requests. They are found in hydraulic systems, water pipes, industrial installations for the transportation and pumping of liquids or gases. Inside - it's just a limited volume that can be changed. All sensors and controls are located outside. Such valves are volatile devices.

The advantages of solenoid valves include:

  • simplicity and versatility of the device;
  • small dimensions relative to the entire installation;
  • wide model range;
  • durability and maintainability;
  • limit speed.

Solenoid valves are simple and reliable. In a normal controlled environment, it will work up to 20 years (with regular maintenance). This device does not require specific training for installation and dismantling.

Norgren Valves Catalog

Norgren produces following valve types:

  • Pneumatic islands.
  • Manifold mounting valves.
  • Classic valves.
  • Flux control flappers.
  • Flaps with threaded connection.
  • Manual/mechanical valves.
  • Check flaps.
  • Service sets.

ISO Valves. The wide range of valves included in this category offers great functionality. ISO 15407-1 and ISO 1, 2, 3 and 4 mini valves have vindicated themselves in a wide band of industrial annexes. Thanks to the flexible auxiliary base system, the valves are characterized by a long maintenance life and big flow capacity.

Norgren PROPORTIONAL valves are high-tech solutions that provide precise control of pressure, flow, force and positioning. Built-in digital electronics. Smooth characteristic, low noise, long life without service.

Threaded valves. This is one of the most popular types of industrial valves. Poppet, linear, solenoid, pilot operated and many other types are available.

Manual/mechanical valves. The manufacturer offers all kinds of manually operated valves: linear, rotary, safety and others. The section includes the M/1700, Super X and VHLA series.

Flow control valves. A range of flow control valves from the world's leading brands. With their help, it is easy to monitor the flow rate.

Check valves. Norgren produces a variety of check valves in aluminum, brass, and composite materials. Models are available with pre-installed fittings.

Other valves. A section in which the manufacturer has included various types of valves that differ in the presence of certain functions. Here you can choose between reverse quick release, shuttle and safety models.

Classic valves. Inline valves are available with solenoid/manual/mechanical control, pilot models.

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