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Compact frequency inverter.

  • Operating voltage: 380...480 AC V
  • Output frequency: 0.1...400 Hz
  • Operating temperature: -10...+50 °C


Extension module for CP1/CPM1A/CPM2A, 12 in, 8 out (relay)


24 VDC, 60 W, 2.5A, DIN rail mounting

 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

  • 0.75/1.1 kW (HD/ND)
  • 5.0/6.0 A (HD/ND)
  • 200 VAC, 1~ input
  • sensorless vector
  • max. output freq. 580Hz

Expansion Module Link Unit. 5 Vdc. 95.4 x 31 x 82 mm. Series CJ1W

Interface module DeviceNet for CJ1. Master/slave.

Stable power supply. CJ-series.

High-speed Communications Bus Unit

Analog I/O


Proximity sensor

Distance-settable Optoelectronic Sensor with Metal Case.

Grooved-type Optoelectronic Sensor.

Diffuse Photoelectric Sensor

Omron Safety Sensor F3SG4RA083030.

Hand protection. Detection capability: Dia. 25 mm. 

Compact safety relays

EtherCAT coupler for NX I/O series

Digital I/O

Digital I/O

Power feed

V430 Code Reader

  • Output frequency range: 0.1 - 400 Hz
  • Output frequency resolution: 0.01Hz

3-Phase In, 400Hz Out 7,5 kW, 400 V, 23 A, V1000, IP20, Profibus

Limit switches

Limit Switches With Sealed Plug PG13.5

The modules of digital inputs with plenty of signals

Omron is the big Japanese corporation. Its main type of activity is a production of equipment for automation. The company was founded in 1933. At present time the main office is located in Kyoto (Japan), and branch offices of company operate in 36 countries of the world of Asia, Europe and America.

More than 37 thousand employees carry out development and introduction of modern innovative engineering decisions in area of industrial automation and electronics. Besides the production of commodities the company also provides introduction of producible products and its maintenance.

The structure of company can be divided into 5 spheres of activity:

  • automation of industry;
  • production of electronic components;
  • automotive electronics;
  • healthcare;
  • social systems.

The main directions of activity of corporation are:

  1. Industrial automation. It includs production and supplying of decisions for automation of technological processes. The spectrum of products of company is wide:  from program logic controllers and drive systems to the different sensors, switches, relay and other  components of control (power modules, keyswitchs and other). Also a company is produce the full functional reserved systems.
  2. Medicine. In 60th of XX century this direction was separated by company in subdivision - Omron Healthcare. One of achievements of company in this sphere was development of first digital tonometer in  1974. By 2010 more than one hundred million of tonometers by Omron  was sold in the world.

All equipment of company passes careful verification and corresponds all necessary standards of quality and possesses necessary certificates on safety.


An equipment for the systems of automation Omron is designed for making control above machines, and also  informative exchange with the operating systems. Due to innovative developments  and high control of quality programmable logic controllers Omron compete with other worldknown leading manufacturer of similar equipment, such as  Siemens and Rockwell Automation.

The main Types:

- Universal controllers: NJ5 with connection to the data base, NJ3 / NX (built-in protection Safety I/O)/ Sysmac Studio software.
- Programmable logic controllers: C200H; CP1; CP1L-E; CP1H; CJ1M; CJ1G-P; CJ2M; CJ2H; CS1G/H; CS1D.
- Output/input equipment: NX; StartSlice; GX; DRT2; CRT1; CRT2 .
- Interfaces: HMI (base of PC), HMI with control, NSJ12, 10, 8, 5, scalable  HMI: NS15, 12, 10, 8, 5, series NB/NQ: NB10W, NB7W, NB5Q, NB3Q, NQ5;  function keys NT: NT11, NT2S.
- Software : configuration CX-One, CX-ConfiguratorFD, CX-Duive, CX-Thermo; programming of  Sysmac Studio, CX-One, Trajexia Studio; visualization systems  CX-Supervisor, CX-Server Lite, CX-Server OPC, NS Runtime PC, TCViews.


Servomotors and servodrives of Omron ideally befit for speed and  positioning control in different areas  of industry:  motor industry, railway industry, metallurgy, in CNC machines and other.  Drive technology of company is carefully designed and tested by leading engineers who have a large experience.  It allows a producer to be a leader  in the industry.

The main Types:

- Universal controllers NJ.
- Motion control: on the basis of PLC (Trajtxia PLC VC, NC, with MC analog output), free-running: (Trajtxia, Trajtxia MC02, MP2200, MP2300), on the base of servodrive (MCW151, Accurax G5, JUSP-NS300, 500, 600), on the base of PC: MP2100.
- Servodrives (Accurax G5, Sigma-5, G series, Junma ML-II, SmartStep).
- Servomotors (Accurax G5, Sigma-5, G series (and SmartStep2), Junma).
- Linear servomotors (Accurax FW, Accurax GW, linear axis Accurax, SGLFW, SGLTW).
- Frequency converters (inverters): JX, J1000, MX2, V1000, RX, SX, A1000, G7; IP54 (MX2 IP54, SX); software application (for faucets, controllers of pumps, positioning a separating device, devices of unwinding/winding).
- Robots: Delta (Washdown Delta, Mini Delta, Delta); SCARA; Accurax (linear axis).


The sensors of Omron  are developed by specialists of company with using newest technologies and  they differ by their high reliability. They correspond of all standards of quality  and have necessary certificates. Sensors are used in different areas of industry: motor industry, machine-tool construction, woodworking,  food, textile, pharmaceutical  industry and others.

- Photoelectric Sensors (with compact design, cylindrical, minisensors, distance-settable  sensors, built-in sensors, built-in power supply, through-beam, retro-reflective sensors , connectors and cables).
- Fiber sensors: E32 series for different areas of application, amplifiers (E3X-HD, E3X-SD, E3X-NA, E3NX-FA...).
- Inductive sensors: E2A, E2A3, E2AU, E2EH, E2E, E2A-4, E2B, TL-W, E2S, E2Q5, E2EC, E2FM, E2FQ.
- limit switches: (D4B, D4N, D4C, ZC, D5B, ZX-T and others)
- The vision systems (FQ2, Xpectia FZ5, Xpectia FH, FQ-CR1, FQ-CR2, FQ2-CH, FQ2-S4).
- Measuring sensors of linear displacement ,  measurement  of thickness and the distance, of profile measurement.
- Angular encoders: E6A2-C, E6B2-c, E6C2-C/E6C3-C, E6F-C, E6H-C, E6C3-A, T6F-A .
- Identification system: V400-F, V400-H, V400-R1, V500-R5.


Safety components for systems is needed for prevention negative consequences on any enterprises.  Sensors and switches of safety Omron  provide control of safety in situations, when machine and man work together. Safety components stop working machines, when see the real danger for a man.  The producer use the latest technologies in development of equipment for measuring and management in this sphere.

The main Types:

- Emergency rope and relay stop switches.
- Safety limit switches in metal and plastic cases.
- Safety and proximity  door switches.
- Safety sensors (safety light curtain, single-beam safety sensor, safety terminal relays, safety laser scanner, safety controllers).
- Safety modules: G9SB, G9SA, G9SX, G9SX-NS/D40A, G9SX-GS/A4EG, G9SX-SM, G9SX-LM.
- Programmable safety systems: NX, NE1A, DST-ID, DST-MD, DST-MRD, G9SP.
- Safety systems of high efficiency G7SA.


Omron produces high-quality meters, regulators, temperature controllers, sensors, relay and other components of management.  The equipment of this group is set in explotable control system on thousands enterprises in the whole world.  The displays of components for a management differ by their high visibility and lightness of data reading. The large list of equipment can allow to refuse big number of other producers.

The main Types:

- Temperature controllers: E5L, E5C2, E5CSV, E5CSL/E5CWL.
- Temperature sensors: E52-EL, E52-E, E52-ES, E52-E_E, E52-E_S.
- Power supply: S8VK-C, S8VK-G, S8VK-T, S8JX-G, S8JC-ZS.
- Timers (analog and digital timers, electromechanical timers).
- Counters (time, preset, electromagnetic, totalizing counters:  H7EC, H7ET, H7ER, H7GP, H7HP).
- Programmable relays: ZEN-10C, ZEN-20C.
- Panel measuring indicators: DIN 1/32 (multifunction),  DIN 1/8 (standard), DIN 1/8 (analog with additional functions); DIN 1/8 (digital with additional functions).


The main Types:

Omron offers high-quality switches and relay  for decision of any tasks. The large spectrum of produced models is able to satisfy the most demanding buyer. The company offers variants of hand, mechanical and electric management. Producible by company solid state relays and control relay are the best decision for application in the systems of high-frequency commutation.

- Electromechanical relays (G2RV, MK-S...).
- Solid state relays for mounting on panel, mounting pad, power controllers (G3PW, G3ZA).
- Low-voltage switching devices (minicontactors for motors, contactor relay, thermal overload protection J7TKN, switches for motor safety  J7MN).
- Control devices (single  and three phase relays).
- Push button switches (A16, A22, A3U...).