Omron C200H

The module with plenty of inputs/outputs (32 or 64) with connector connection are connected with a socket under soldering.

C200 module. Motion control 4 axis.

art. 3GHW1123G

Power Supply

art. 3GHW1065F

Power Supply

art. 3GHW1007R

Power Supply

The motto of controllers C200Hα of Omron company is «More Powerful, more comfortable, quicker». And it is really so. Along with the popular series of middle PLC C200H/HS, a new line offers advantages of large PLC in the middle sizes PLC.

The improvements of existent series, such as is increase of volume of memory and speed of processing of data, strengthened position of C200Hα in the world of controllers. The added improvements are protocol of macro and optional module PCMCIA. They converted family of controllers C200h in a powerful instrument for processing of data.

Comparative description of series of C200H/HS and C200Hα

Maximally possible amount of inputs/outputs:
C200H/HS – 880
C200Hα – 1 184

Amount  of expansion modules:
C200H/HS – 10
C200Hα – 16

The speed of data processing:
C200H/HS – 0,375 μs LD execution
C200Hα – 0,1 μs LD execution

Volume of memory:
C200H/HS – 15,2k words
C200Hα – 31,2k words

Volume of data memory:
C200H/HS – 6k words
C200Hα – 24k words

Due to one programming language and identical modules of expansion users of products of C200H/HS have possibility for gradual passing to the new and improved products of C200Hα series.

The maximal amount of the assembled modules of inputs/outputs was  increased from 10 to 16. All modules of previous series can be used for work with a new line without additional modification. Except for it, you can use other blocks of expansion: memory cards, the control unit movement and others
Before, every time during connecting of measuring devices to PLC it was necessary to write the program for communication for the modules of ASCII and BASIC. C200ha contains these programs in the program of recovery. All information can be processed in real-time, promoting quality of automation and diminishing the cost of device. It also will allow to shorten time of hardware setup.

The module of PC-card allows to use two PCMCIA-interface of slot. It is possible to set either two cards I or II type or one card of III type. The system works with the next card types: SRAM, FLASH or ATA. Content of memory of C200HX/HG/HE can be recorded as files on memory cards using instructions of diagrams of recovery. Using Ethernet PCMCIA-card, you get possibility of exchange information using FIN-protocol through UDP/IP.