Pepperl+Fuchs Stock


Pepperl Fuchs NBB20U1UU non-contact inductive sensor

  • art. 238884
  • Diagnostic Coverage (DC)0 %
  • Sensor head bidirectional and rotatable
  • NO/NC selectable
  • Comfort series


Pepperl+Fuchs NJ2.5-14GM-N-V1-Y21146 inductive sensor

  • Sensor type: inductive
  • Working distance: 2.5 mm
  • Degree of protection: IP67
  • Type of output: NAMUR


  • art. 191136
  • UL approvalcULus Listed, General Purpose, Class 2 
  • Power Source/Analog output: 0 V ... 10 V/4 mA ... 20 mA
  • Measuring range: 0 ... 120 mm
  • M12 (4-pin)
  • Resolution: 0.125 mm


  • art. 194767
  • Sensor head bidirectional and rotatable
  • 15 mm flush
  • 4 LEDs indicator for 360° visibility


Connection 5 m fixed cable

art. 304615-0163


  • 3 mm flush
  • Increased operating distance
  • Extended temperature range
    -40 ... +85 В°C

Pepperl+Fuchs Components

Pepperl+Fuchs is a world leader in industrial sensors and explosion protection systems. Founded in Germany in 1945, Pepperl+Fuchs offers a wide range of products, including various types of sensors, sensors, explosion protection systems, interface modules, and other solutions for the automation and control of industrial processes.
One of the company's key activities is developing and producing innovative technologies that can increase the efficiency and safety of industrial processes. The company's products are widely used in various industries around the world. Today, we will talk in more detail about Pepperl+Fuchs technology components.

Why Choose Eltra Trade for Pepperl+Fuchs Components?

Eltra Trade is one of the best representatives of the retail trade in the niche of equipment for industrial areas. Our main goal is to quickly and efficiently serve our customers and help them select the necessary parts. On our website, you can always find components that are listed for sale at Pepperl Fuchs stock price.
If you encounter problems while using parts or have questions related to the selection and purchase of equipment, you can always contact our managers. They will be more than happy to help you solve problems and/or find the right devices for you. On the pages of our website, you will find a complete list of all Pepperl+Fuchs products, from sensors like proximity or ultrasonic to accessories like cables and connectors.

Types of Pepperl+Fuchs Parts Available

Pepperl+Fuchs stock has various parts and products designed for diverse industries, including process automation, manufacturing, and hazardous area applications. Some of the key types of Pepperl+Fuchs parts available include.

Industrial sensors

  • Proximity sensors. Used to detect the presence or absence of an object without physical contact.
  • Photoelectric sensors. Employ light beams to detect the presence or absence of an object.
  • Ultrasonic sensors. Use sound waves to detect objects and measure distance.
  • Rotary encoders. Devices that convert angular position or motion into an electrical signal.

Process interfaces

  • Isolation barriers. Used in hazardous areas to prevent the transmission of excessive electrical energy.
  • Signal conditioners. Devices that condition and convert signals between different control system parts.

Identification systems

  • RFID systems. Radio-frequency identification systems for tracking and identifying objects.
  • Barcode scanners. Devices that read and interpret barcodes for identification purposes.

Vision sensors

  • Vision systems. Used for image processing and visual inspection in industrial applications.

HMI (Human-Machine Interface)

  • Operator interfaces. Touchscreens and panels for interaction between operators and machines.

Explosion protection

  • Intrinsically safe equipment. Products designed for safe operation in hazardous areas with potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • Purge and pressurization systems. Used to protect electrical equipment in hazardous locations by preventing the entry of flammable gases.

Industrial communication

  • Fieldbus systems. Communication systems for connecting field devices in industrial automation.
  • Ethernet solutions. Networking solutions for industrial applications.

Process automation

  • Automation systems. Comprehensive systems for process automation and control.
  • Industrial wireless solutions. Products for wireless communication in industrial settings.

Power supplies

  • Power distribution. Equipment for reliable power distribution in industrial environments.

Accessories and ancillary products

  • Mounting brackets, cables, and connectors. Various accessories in the product catalog to support the installation and operation of Pepperl+Fuchs products.

You can order all the above parts from P&F stock on our website at low prices.

Ensuring Compatibility and Performance

When it comes to ensuring the compatibility and performance of its products, Pepperl+Fuchs adheres to several key principles and practices.

Quality standards
Pepperl+Fuchs follows industry standards and regulations in the design and manufacture of its products. The company uses prototyping and simulation techniques to identify and resolve potential compatibility issues early in the design process.
The company's products are subjected to rigorous testing under various conditions to ensure that they meet the specifications as per the international standards applicable to their industry. Pepperl+Fuchs ensures seamless integration of their products with other systems and devices used in industrial environments.

Quality assurance
The company's implementation of robust quality control processes to identify and correct any defects during the manufacturing process allows for the establishment of traceability of components used in their products to maintain consistent quality.
Firmware products are provided with regular updates to improve compatibility and performance. At the same time, there is clear information about the stages of the product life cycle and customer support when switching to new models.

Pepperl+Fuchs provides prompt and qualified technical support to resolve customer questions and problems. The company also provides complete product documentation, including guides and recommendations to help users optimize performance.

Collaboration with industry partners
Pepperl+Fuchs collaborates with other industry players to ensure interoperability in larger industrial ecosystems. They support and promote open standards initiatives to ensure interoperability.

Continuous improvement
P&F provides customer feedback channels for continuous improvement of product design and functionality. In addition, the company invests in ongoing research and development to stay ahead of technological advances and industry demands.