Schneider Electric Servo motor BSH100

Schneider Electric is a global leader in digital transformation in energy management and automation which offers innovative solutions for the home, buildings, data, infrastructure, and industrial applications. Schneider Electric is considered an innovator in its field, actively implementing the latest technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, and artificial intelligence to provide its customers with maximum efficiency, reliability, and safety.

Their products include electrical installation devices, circuit breakers, contactors, relays, frequency converters, lighting control systems, building management systems, drives, power transformers, and industrial servo motors, which we will discuss in more detail today. We are focusing on the Schneider Electric servo motor BSH100, whose features and characteristics we will discuss below.

Key Features and Specifications of the BSH100

The Schneider servo motor BSH100 is a high-performance motor designed for precision control applications. Let’s discuss its key features and specifications.

High torque density
The BSH100 servo motor offers high torque density, making it suitable for applications requiring high torque in a compact form factor.

High efficiency
Such devices are characterized by high efficiency, which ensures optimal performance and reduced energy consumption, which ultimately reduces maintenance and utilization costs.

Precise positioning
The motor is capable of precise positioning, making it ideal for applications where accuracy is crucial, such as robotics, CNC machines, and automated manufacturing systems.

Low inertia
With low inertia, the BSH100 servo motor provides rapid acceleration and deceleration, enabling quick and precise movements.

Wide speed range
It offers a wide speed range, allowing for versatile operation across various applications and operating conditions.

Integrated resolver feedback
The motor comes with integrated resolver feedback, providing accurate feedback on position and speed without the need for additional sensors.

Robust construction
Schneider Electric servo motors are known for their robust construction, ensuring reliability and longevity even in demanding industrial environments.

Compact design
Schneider Electric BSH100 features a compact design, allowing for easy integration into space-constrained applications.

It is designed to be compatible with a range of servo drives and controllers, providing flexibility in system design and integration.

Customization options
Schneider Electric offers customization options for their servo motors, allowing customers to tailor the motor to their specific application requirements.

High-quality materials
The motor is constructed using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and performance under challenging conditions.

Protection features

It includes various protection features such as overcurrent protection, overtemperature protection, and short circuit protection, enhancing reliability and safety.

These features and specifications make the Schneider Electric BSH100 servo motor suitable for a wide range of industrial automation and motion control applications.

Also, BSH100 is a servo motor for many different applications. We will see them below.

  • Industrial robotics. BSH100 servo motors are often used in industrial robotic arms and manipulators for precise and agile motion control in tasks such as assembly, pick-and-place, welding, and material handling.
  • CNC machinery. In computer numerical control (CNC) machines, such as CNC mills, lathes, and routers, BSH100 servo motors provide the necessary power and precision for controlling the movement of cutting tools and workpieces with high accuracy.
  • Automated manufacturing systems. These servo motors are employed in automated manufacturing systems for tasks like conveyor belt control, packaging, sorting, labeling, and palletizing, ensuring smooth and efficient production processes.
  • Printing and packaging machinery. BSH100 drives various components in printing presses, packaging machines, and labeling equipment, enabling precise control of printing heads, cutting blades, and feeding mechanisms.
  • Textile machinery. In textile manufacturing equipment such as weaving looms, knitting machines, and embroidery machines, these servo motors enable precise control of yarn tension, fabric movement, and needle positioning.
  • Medical equipment. BSH100 servo motors are used in medical devices and equipment such as imaging systems, robotic surgery systems, and diagnostic instruments, where precise motion control is essential for accurate procedures and diagnostics.
  • Aerospace and defense. These servo motors find applications in aerospace and defense systems for tasks such as antenna positioning, weapon systems control, flight control surfaces actuation, and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) control.
  • Automotive manufacturing. BSH100 servo motors are utilized in automotive assembly lines for tasks such as welding, painting, and assembly of components, ensuring high precision and productivity in the manufacturing process.
  • Packaging and labeling. In the packaging industry, BSH100 servo motors are used in equipment for filling, capping, sealing, labeling, and packaging products in various industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods.
  • Semiconductor manufacturing. These devices are employed in semiconductor manufacturing equipment for tasks such as wafer handling, die bonding, wire bonding, and precision alignment in fabrication processes.

Motor Performance Data

If you are going to make a Schneider servo motor BSH100 selection, you need to know more detailed information about this device. This BSH servo motor is from the Lexium 32 servo series. This BSH three-phase AC servo motor line features low rotor inertia, providing high acceleration capabilities for dynamic applications. Thanks to winding technology, a compact design achieves a higher power density.

This servo has a rated continuous torque of 3.3 Nm and reaches a maximum torque of 9.6 Nm. Its rated rotation speed is up to 6000 rpm, depending on the supply voltage. As a result, the rated power can reach 1630 W, depending on the voltage. The built-in encoder is designed as a single-turn SinCos Hiperface with a frequency of 128 cycles/revolution (128x1024). The electrical connection is made via 2 M23, angled 90°, and rotatable connectors. The motor housing complies with protection class IP65. If you need more detailed information, you can study the Schneider servo motor BSH100 manual.

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