Schneider Electric Servo motor BSH140

  • flange 140mm 25.4 Nm
  • keyed, IP65
  • without brake
  • 4Nm

  • key single

  • nobrake

  • 90°conn.IP54/IP65

  • 4k RPM

  • 4Nm
  • key
  • single
  • nobrake
  • 90°conn.IP54/IP65
  • 4k RPM

Schneider Electric is a reliable manufacturer of solutions for industrial automation, their servo motors provide precise and dynamic motion control, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of industrial applications, which include robotic manufacturing, CNC machining, automated assembly, packaging, handling, and more. However, Schneider Electric automation solutions provide high positioning accuracy, low inertia, a wide speed range, and reliability in the most demanding operating conditions. Today the main topic we will discuss is the Schneider Electric servo motor BSH140 and find out its technical characteristics, applications, and advantages.

BSH140 Technical Specifications & Benefits

Schneider Electric has been a reliable manufacturer of servomotors for many years. Let’s find out why Schneider servo motor BSH140 is so good.

Durable design
The rugged design ensures reliable operation of the motor under conditions of high loads, vibrations, and environmental influences, making it suitable for use in industrial environments.

Low inertia
The low inertia of the motor allows you to quickly change the speed and direction of rotation, which ensures a quick response to control commands and highly dynamic movement.

Precise positioning
High positioning accuracy provides precise control of the motor rotation position, which is especially important for applications requiring precise position or movement.

The BSH140 is compatible with a variety of Schneider Electric drives and controllers, allowing easy integration into a variety of automation and motion control systems.

Wide speed range
A wide speed range allows you to effectively control the motor rotation speed, which makes it universal for various tasks and operating conditions.

Feedback options
The BSH140 offers various feedback options such as encoders or resolvers, providing precise information about the position and speed of the motor for high-precision control.

These technical characteristics make the Schneider Electric BSH140 suitable for a wide range of industrial applications that require precise motion control with low inertia, high reliability, and a wide speed range.

Detailed Specifications

Before purchasing any equipment, you need to not only choose a trusted manufacturer but also understand the basic BSH140 performance specs. Schneider Electric BSH140 belongs to the Lexium 32 line, which contains three-phase AC servomotors with low rotor inertia. Thus, these devices can provide high acceleration capabilities for dynamic applications. Thanks to the winding technology, a higher power density is achieved in a compact design.

The BSH140 has a rated continuous torque of 11.1 Nm and reaches a maximum torque of 27 Nm. Moreover, its rated rotation speed is up to 3600 rpm depending on the supply voltage. As a result, the rated power depending on the voltage reaches 3170 W.

The built-in encoder is designed as a single-turn SinCos Hiperface with a frequency of 128 cycles/revolution (128x1024). The electrical connection is via 2 straight M23 connectors and there is a 140mm motor flange for mounting, while the BSH140 housing is IP65 rated. If you want to get acquainted with more detailed information regarding this device, we recommend studying the Schneider servo motor BSH140 manual.

Ideal Applications

If you want to make a Schneider servo motor BSH140 selection, you need to pay attention not only to the technical characteristics but also to the best application this servo motor for. Below we will look at the most common of them.

Renewable energy
It might be employed in renewable energy applications such as solar tracking systems and wind turbine blade pitch control, where precise motion control is crucial for optimizing energy capture and efficiency.

Automated manufacturing systems
The servo motor might find applications in automated manufacturing systems for tasks like conveyor control, packaging, palletizing, and sorting, ensuring efficient and accurate production processes.

Aerospace and defense
The servo motor could be utilized in aerospace and defense applications for tasks such as antenna positioning, weapon systems control, and flight control surface actuation, requiring high reliability and precision.

Printing and packaging machinery
BSH140 servo motors could be used in printing presses, packaging machines, and labeling equipment for precise control of printing heads, feeding mechanisms, and packaging processes.

Textile machinery
In textile manufacturing equipment such as weaving looms and knitting machines, the servo motor can control yarn tension, fabric movement, and needle positioning with high precision.

CNC machinery
It could drive axes in CNC machining centers, lathes, milling machines, and routers, enabling precise control of cutting tools and workpiece positioning.

Industrial robotics
The BSH140 servo motor could be used in various robotic applications such as material handling, assembly, welding, and painting in industries like automotive manufacturing, electronics, and consumer goods.

Medical equipment
It might be employed in medical devices and equipment such as imaging systems, robotic surgery systems, and diagnostic instruments, where precise motion control is essential for accurate procedures and diagnostics.

Semiconductor manufacturing
BSH140 servo motors could find applications in semiconductor manufacturing equipment for tasks such as wafer handling, die bonding, wire bonding, and precision alignment in fabrication processes.

Food and beverage processing
In food and beverage processing equipment, the servo motor could be used for precise control of mixing, blending, filling, and packaging processes.

Advantages of the Schneider Electric BSH140

BSH140 is a device that can become indispensable in many areas of business equipment. Thus, when you choose the Schneider Electric BSH140 servo motor, you get several advantages. Let's find out which ones exactly.

  • High precision. The BSH140 servo motor likely offers precise positioning and motion control capabilities, ensuring accurate and repeatable movements in industrial automation applications.
  • High torque density. BSH140 is one of the high-torque servo motors. It provides high torque output relative to its size, allowing for powerful performance in compact machinery and equipment.
  • Efficiency. Schneider Electric servo motors are typically designed for high efficiency, reducing energy consumption and operating costs over the long term.
  • Versatility. The BSH140 servo motor could offer a wide range of operating speeds and torque outputs, making it suitable for various applications across different industries.
  • Reliability. Schneider Electric products are known for their reliability and durability, providing consistent performance even in demanding industrial environments.
  • Integration. The servo motor may be designed for easy integration with Schneider Electric servo drives and controllers, simplifying system setup and commissioning.
  • Customization options. Schneider Electric often provides customization options to tailor the servo motor to specific application requirements, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.
  • Advanced feedback systems. It may feature advanced feedback systems such as encoders or resolvers for accurate position and speed control, enhancing overall system performance.
  • Robust construction. The BSH140 servo motor likely features robust construction with high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and reliability in harsh operating conditions.
  • Support and service. Schneider Electric typically offers comprehensive product support and service, including technical assistance, training, and maintenance services, ensuring smooth operation and minimal downtime.

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