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ComPacT NSX - MT250 remote control with SDE adapter - 220/240Vac for NSX250


Telemecanique Limit switche XC Standard

Pg11, 1NC+1 NO, snap action, metal end plunger, 2P

Schneider Electric is a French power engineering company, a manufacturer of equipment for the energy sub-complexes of industrial enterprises, civil and residential construction facilities, and data processing centers.

The history of Schneider Electric began in France in 1836, when the Creusot foundries, which were trialing problems at that time, passed to the Schneider brothers. Two years later, they established Schneider & Cie, and by 1891, having become specialists in the field of armaments, Schneider innovated, starting to master the nascent electric power market.

Schneider Electric focused its efforts mainly on the production of electrical products, while curtailing some of the secondary production activities. Evidence of this is the fact that from 1988 to 1999 Schneider Electric included the following companies: Telemecanique, Square D, Merlin Gerin and Lexel.
Today, Schneider Electric is a global expert in energy management and a leading developer and supplier of end-to-end power performance decisions for vitality and infrastructure, manufactured, civil, residential and data center applications.

Schneider Product groups:

  • Modular DIN rail mounting hardware. This is a large group of electrical devices designed to protect and control the electrical network of living, executive, commercial and technical facilities. The main task of such equipment is the organization of safe and optimal systems for the supply of electricity and its further distribution among consumers.
  • Wiring products and mounting accessories. Wiring products will ensure safety and comfort in various rooms and will be a wonderful decoration of the interior.
  • Capacity pattern cutouts and breaker-disconnectors.
  • Power circuit breakers and toggle-disconnectors are the most important element of a low-voltage system. Reliability combined with the latest innovational solutions are the main distinguishing features of power scheme switches. The chart breakers give reliable defense thanks to the unique roto-active opening principle, space savings due to the minimized number of sizes, plug-in design, and a wide span of aids and materials.
  • Buttons, switches, signal lamps, controls and joysticks.
  • Distribution devices. This is an electric setting that inure to obtain and spread electric vigor of one tension type. The switchgear contains a set of shifting devices, supporting devices and means of accounting and measurement.
  • Uninterruptible power supplies. Provides transfer of load power from one source to another for continuous power supply to consumers in the event of a power outage or deterioration in the quality of electrical energy at the input from the primary source.
  • Drive technology. This is a long list of integrated and separately installed complete power devices, as well as various components for them. It is used for the purposes of rotational or translational movement of the working bodies of the equipment, as well as other parts and structures intended for this.
  • Starters. This is a low-voltage electromagnetic combined distribution and control device designed to start and accelerate the electric motor to the rated speed, ensure its continuous operation, turn off the power and protect the electric motor. The starter is a contactor equipped with additional equipment: a thermal relay, an additional contact group or an automatic engine starter.
  • Security relays and contactors. This is a thermal protection relay. Its purpose is to protect electrical engines from probable superheat.

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