Siemens SCALANCE switch

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SCALANCE XC206-2SFP G manageable Layer 2 IE switch

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SCALANCE XC208G manageable Layer 2 IE switch

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SCALANCE XC224-4C G manageable Layer 2 IE switch

6GK5204 SERIES SCALANCE X204-2LD, 1 Kg, Pkg. 19,20x25,10x14,20 (cm)

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6GK5204 SERIES SCALANCE X204-2LD TS, 0.933 Kg, Pkg. 1x1x1 (mm)

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6GK5206 SERIES SCALANCE X206-1LD, 1.005 Kg, Pkg. 19x25,40x14,10 (cm)

6GK5212 SERIES SCALANCE X212-2, 1.479 Kg, Pkg. 25,10x25,50x18,70 (cm)

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6GK5212 SERIES SCALANCE X212-2LD, 1.563 Kg, Pkg. 24,80x25,60x18,90 (cm)

6GK5216 SERIES SCALANCE X216, 1.493 Kg, Pkg. 24,70x25,80x19 (cm)

6GK5224 SERIES SCALANCE X224, 1.87 Kg, Pkg. 25,10x26,30x19,50 (cm)

6GK5307 SERIES SCALANCE X307-3, 1.455 Kg, Pkg. 24,80x25,90x19 (cm)

6GK5320 SERIES SCALANCE X320-1FE MANAGED IE SWITCH, 1.973 Kg, Pkg. 1x1x1 (mm)

6GK5320 SERIES SCALANCE X320-3LDFE MANAGED IE SWITCH, 1.866 Kg, Pkg. 1x1x1 (mm)

6GK5408 SERIES SCALANCE XM408-8C, 1.503 Kg, Pkg. 205x205x210 (mm)

6GK5416 SERIES SCALANCE XM416-4C, 1.599 Kg, Pkg. 205x205x210 (mm)

6GK5416 SERIES SCALANCE XM416-4C, 1.5 Kg, Pkg. 205x205x210 (mm)

6GK5524 SERIES SCALANCE XR524-8C, 5.14 Kg, Pkg. 410x570x155 (mm)

6GK5528 SERIES SCALANCE XR528-6M, 8.92 Kg, Pkg. 1x1x1 (mm)

SCALANCE W774-1 RJ45, 1 radio

Plug-in transceiver SFP992-1LD

6GK5992 SERIES SCALANCE X ACCESSORY, 0.143 Kg, Pkg. 1x1x1 (mm)

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    SIMATIC WinCC Comfort V14 SP1 Engineering software

    Switch Degree of protection IP65/67

    Managed IE switch

    Layer 2 IE Managed switch

    Managed IE switch

    Managed IE switch

    SCALANCE W774-1 RJ45, 1 radio

    IWLAN antenna with omnidirectional Characteristic

    The SCALANCE X industrial Ethernet Switches are entry-degree selectors in a compact design designed for structure small manufactured Ethernet nets.
    Siemens obtains TÜV certification according to IEC 62443-4-2 and -4-1 for network compositions of the:

    • SCALANCE XB-200,
    • XC-200,
    • XP-200,
    • XF-200BA and
    • XR-300WG fabric household.

    In this way, customers can implement a secure system architecture, which greatly improves the overall security of the system. The certification confirms that the already certified product development process has been consistently applied to the aforementioned SCALANCE X good lines.

    It also serves as proof that the main product technical requirements for network components have been taken into account and implemented.

    Switches are active network equipment that distributes traffic to the appropriate network addresses.

    SCALANCE X is a new line of SIMATIC NET Industrial Ethernet selectors. It constitutes a range of complementary products for a variety of automation tasks.
    SCALANCE offers you a comprehensive portfolio for perfect networking – for any industrial application: from the automotive to the chemical industry, from manufacturing to manufacturing. SCALANCE network components are designed for secure networking at all network levels - for powerful and future-proof communications.

    In modern Ethernet nets, technique is large used switched networks. Technology of SCALANCE X Switches allows you:

    • to increase throughput and network performance,
    • perform its unlimited expansion,
    • resolve conflict situations
    • between domains and subnets,
    • perform convenient network configuration, etc.

    Siemens Scalance series combines several coherent families of switches, optimized for their functionality, allowing solve communication problems of varying degrees of complexity and use switched network technology not only in Industrial Ethernet, but also in PROFINET.

    With Industrial Ethernet SCALANCE X selectors, you rely on unique flexibility when designing your network topology. Our portfolio offers you a wide range of industrial switches with copper or fiber optical ports, for monitoring cabinet or for use in hard environ, with info velocity up to 10 gigabits.

    How to find the correctly technical Ethernet breaker?
    Manufactured Ethernet toggles come in countless forms and options: managed or unmanaged, control cabinet switches or compact options, layer 2 or layer 3 functionality, and more.

    But which one is right for your requirements?
    Whether you are looking for a cost-effective solution for simple networking of machines or small electric or optic Ethernet nets, you will find the right unmanaged switches in the SCALANCE X-000 and SCALANCE X-100 product families. When you demand high chain existence and demanding functionality and design, the flexible and powerful SCALANCE X-200 and X-300 Layer 2 Managed Switches are ideal for machine-level applications and web systems in line, star and ring.

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