Siemens SENTRON 3WL Circuit Breakers

Circuit-breaker VL 800N

Circuit-breaker VL 800N

Circuit-breaker VL 800N




  • 36kV 
  • f.120.000 mech.operating cycles pole-centre distance 
  • 350mm 
  • 31.5kA 
  • 2000A operatg.mechanis.
  • 36kV
  • 350mm
  • 31.5kA 
  • 2500A
  • main switch 
  • 3-pole 
  • Iu=250 A
  • IEC frame 1250 breaking capacity class C 
  • Icu=110kA @ 
  • 415 V 3-pole

Accessory f. breaker 3WL guide frame size II 2000A 3-pole

Accessory f. breaker 3WL guide frame size II 4000A 3-pole

Vacuum Circuit-Breaker

Withdrawable circuit breaker

Withdrawable circuit breaker without guide frame 3-pole

Withdrawable circuit breaker with guide frame 3-pole

Withdrawable circuit breaker with guide frame 3-pole

Withdrawable circuit breaker with guide frame 3-pole

Fixed-mount non-aut. circuit-b. 3-pole 

SENTRON 3WL is the new line of air molded case circuit breakers from Siemens. This series has nominal currents from 630 A to 6300 A, 3 sizes for different rated current ranges, 3 or 4 poles, nominal operating voltages up to AC 1000v and 3 different class breaking capacity from 50 ka to 100 ka.

Air circuit breakers are needed everywhere, as the input and the input feeders, and to protect installations, systems and motors.

The main areas of Sentron 3WL application are:

  1. As an introductory, switchgear, sectionalizing breaker outgoing lines in electrical installation;
  2. For commutation and defence of motors, condensers, generators, transformers, busbars and cables;
  3. Application as emergency circuit breaker together with accessories of emergency shutdown (DIN VDE 0113, IEC 60204-1).

Circuit Breaker Operation Principle

Automatic switch is a hookup switching arrangement (mechanic or electronic) admitting of turning amperages on, conducting them and swinging them off below standard terms in the circuit, as well as switching on, refraining for a nominal (conditioned) time and automatically cuting out currents under standardize anomalistic terms in the scheme, suchlike short schema toques.

The main goal of Circuit Breaker is to defend the cable range from the effects of the fluid of small chain amperages.
The principle of operation is as follows: with a great surplus of the titular amperage flowing through the winding of the electromagnet, a powerful magnetic field arises that pulls down the armature with a moving contact.

Circuit Breaker working principle

When current thread across the engine under the rated importance, its contacts communications will be enclosed extremely. But with a minor surplus of current, the caloric extrication, submitted by a bimetal cap, will unblock them.

A high toque fluent across the communications of the cutout, quicker the heating of the bimetal wax will happen. Depending on how overburdened the engine is with amperage, the time of its malfunction rely.

The electromagnetic extrication trips with a rapid increase in current. The size of the current of its work is orders of quantity upper than the nominal actual.

Siemens Circuit Breaker consists of:

  • Corps
  • Terminals for connecting conductors
  • capacity contacts
  • rods united to buttons or checkboxes to turn it on and off (shutdown and autopsy contacts)
  • Thermal disconnector
  • Electromagnetic disconnector


Circuit switches defend power lines (conductors) from overburdens induced by connective a wide amount of freight to them. These reloads of the essence decrease the life of the lines, can loss the lines and can reason a fire.
In certain, the cutout protects not the systems, but the energy lines from overcurrent, so the account of the cutout that defends the line must be based on the line options (that is, originally, from the features of the cable).


The main advantage of the Siemens Breakers is that to switch them on more, it is fairly to raise the arm, that is, you do not need to replacement the preventer, as in movement jams. The base features of the enginery are the rated current and the operation class. The formal current describe the value of the current strength that the automaton is apt to transfer.
The trip class describes the short-term meaning of the current at which the apparatus will NOT work.

Advantages of SENTRON WL

The demands placed on the communication capabilities, responsiveness and integration of distribution technology are constantly increasing. To enable the SENTRON WL family to meet these requirements, a single modular communications architecture based on the common ones has been developed.

  1. repeated operation without the need to purchase new protective equipment;
  2. high reliability;
  3. instant response;
  4. long service life.

Peculiarities of Siemens SENTRON 3WL

  • Modular design of circuit breakers and accessories makes it light to retrofit all connection compositions.
  • Considerable expansion of switchgear functions by connecting outer inlet and outlet mods to the internal SENTRON WL data bus.
  • Innovational software goods for parameterization, control, check and diagnostics of SENTRON chart switches on site.
  • Full union of SENTRON scheme switches into concepts such as absolutely Integrated Power and entirely integrated automation.
  • The SENTRON WL devices are set extremely compact, without the loss of the productivity. Size I (to 1600 A) placed in a cell with a width of 400 mm.
  • A new type of internal communication bus of the circuit breaker does possible inexpensive communication in a distributive device between circuit breakers and traditional second devices as for example analog measuring instruments, signaling device, incapable of communication disconnectors, etc.
  • Information from a distributive device, as well as from a circuit breaker can be passed on the bus of PROFIBUS-DP or alternatively through Internet/Intranet/Ethernet on a central computer, thus forming the basis for significant cost savings.
  • Adaptability of tripping current to changing conditions in an electrical installation is guaranteed in any situation thanks to the unique modularity of the entire system.
  • Modules of protecting from a short circuit to earth, measuring function and display can be additionally equipped at any time. Diminishing of nominal current of circuit breaker by the module of nominal current is possible without replacement of the current transformer during a few seconds.
  • Switchable feature of I2t or I4t for the range of overload currents allows better selectivity for a before or after switch protective devices.

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