SIMATIC DP, power supply module 24 V for ET200iSP

SIMATIC DP, power supply module 120/230 V AC for ET200iSP

6ES7151 SERIES SIMATIC DP, ST76, 0.243 Kg, Pkg. 8,30x12,60x8,10 (cm)

6ES7151 SERIES SIMATIC DP, ST76, 0.244 Kg, Pkg. 8,40x12,80x8,30 (cm)

SIMATIC DP, IM151-8F PN/DP CPU f. ET200S, 256 KB work memory

6ES7154 SERIES SIMATIC DP, ST76, 0.771 Kg, Pkg. 14,30x16,20x7,60 (cm)



6ES7195 SERIES DP, ST76-A, 2.783 Kg, Pkg. 20,70x37,60x11,40 (cm)

6ES7195 SERIES DP, ST76-A, 2.298 Kg, Pkg. 21x37,40x11,40 (cm)

6ES7195 SERIES DP, ST76-A, 13.17 Kg, Pkg. 39x56x35 (cm)

6ES7195 SERIES DP, ST76-A, 21.2 Kg, Pkg. 39,50x56,50x36,50 (cm)

6ES7195 SERIES DP, ST76-A, 1.41 Kg, Pkg. 21x38,30x11,40 (cm)

6ES71344GB110AB0 Siemens SIMATIC DP, ST76, 0.043 Kg, Pkg. 6,20x9,10x2,30 (cm)

Siemens SIMATIC DP electronic module 15 bit+ sign Pt100 STD; Pt100KL; NI100 STD, NI 100 KL

  • AI 8XI 2-/4-wire Basic
  • suitable for BU type A0, A1
  • Color code CC01
  • Module diagnostics
  • 16 bit

Electronics module for ET 200SP

  • 250 Kbit/s
  • suitable for BU type A0


  • ET 200S
  • 24 V DC with diagnostics

SIMATIC DP, connection module

SIMATIC DP, Module rack slim design

SIMATIC S7-1500, CPU 1515-2 PN

SIMATIC S7-1500F, CPU 1516F-3 PN/DP

SIMATIC DP, Connection plug

The diagnostic tools provided in SIMATIC S7 for PROFIBUS DP serve to detect and isolate errors in an automated system. Diagnostic functions can also be used as control (observation) functions, which in the user program can run automatically. Targeted use of available diagnosis instruments and diagnosis actions contributes to the rapid search and elimination of errors.

The PROFIBUS network, made in accordance with the requirements of the European norm EN 50170, is used to organize communication between programmable logic regulators and ET 200 apportioned I / O stations, human-machine interface devices and field level devices. PROFIBUS is an open system for field devices from all manufacturers.

PROFIBUS supports the following transmission protocols:

  1. PROFIBUS-FMS (Fieldbus Message Specification);
  2. PROFIBUS-DP (Distributed Periphery);
  3. PROFIBUS-PA (Process Automation).

All protocols can be used to send messages over the same link (wired or filament optic).

The PROFIBUS-DP protocol is used to organize high-speed exchange of small portions of data with distributed inputs and outputs of the system.
The short duration of the information transfer cycle is ensured by the presence of many message processing services and an increase in the information transfer rate.

The main characteristics of PROFIBUS are:

  • compliance with the requirements of EN 50170;
  • up to 125 nodes on net, up to 32 units per section;
  • software selection of information transfer rate;
  • transmission of information over a stranded couple or thread-optic rope;
  • a broad diapason of network components;
  • the possibility of remote programming of controllers over the network;
  • the possibility of using a modular expansion of the network structure.

Remote I/O stations

ET 200L - This dense exchange is used as a PROFIBUS-DP slave station to add several additional inputs and outputs to the system and requires little space for its placement.

The electronic block is installed in the terminal block. In this case, all external circuits are connected to the terminal block, which makes it possible to replace electronic mods out of dismantling foreign connections. On the basis of one terminal block, you can get 16 or 32 channels of discrete I / O with the connection of external circuits through terminal blocks with screw or spring clamps.

The ET 200M is a modular distributed I/O station that functions as a PROFIBUS-DP slave. It can include signal and functional modules, as well as communication processors of the SIMATIC S7-300 programmable regulator, including explosion-proof ones. The station can be equipped with active bus modules, the use of which allows the replacement of inlet-outlet mods into work without turning off the capacity.

The contact to the PROFIBUS-DP net is produced via the IM 153 interface mod. The station can be connected to the PROFIBUS-DP visual web via the optic communication module OLM or the optical connector OLP.

Modular distributed I/O stations ET 200S are characterized by:

  • modular design for maximum adaptation to control tasks;
  • high speed;
  • using safe technology;
  • "hot" replacement of modules during station operation;
  • info transfer rate over the PROFIBUS-DP network up to 12 Mbps.

An extensive range of modules for various purposes allows you to optimally adapt the ET 200S stations to solve a wide range of automatic control tasks. At the same time, the number of input-output channels can be selected without any redundancy in exact accordance with the requirements of the task.