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    Basic Panel

    In stock of our partners

      Comfort panel

      In stock of our partners

      • Touch operation
      • 12" widescreen TFT display
      • 16 million colors, PROFINET interface
      • MPI/PROFIBUS DP interface
      • 12 MB configuration memory
      • KTP700 Basic
      • Basic Panel
      • Key/touch operation
      • 7" TFT display
      • 65536 colors

      In stock of our partners

      • 9&quot
      • 16 MIL.

      6AV2107 SERIES SIMATIC WINCC WEBNAVIGATOR FOR RT PROFESSIONAL UP TO V13, ST9.80, 0.146 Kg, Pkg. 19x23,90x2,30 (cm)


      6AV2107 SERIES SIMATIC WINCC WEBNAVIGATOR FOR RT PROFESSIONAL UP TO V13, ST9.80, 0.142 Kg, Pkg. 19,30x24x2,30 (cm)

      • Comfort Panel
      • key operation
      • 7" widescreen TFT display

      6AV6361 SERIES PROCESS HISTORIAN, ST80.2T, 0.231 Kg, Pkg. 19,20x23,90x2,50 (cm)

      6AV6371 SERIES WINCC/WEB NAVIGATOR V7.3, ST80.2Y, 0.151 Kg, Pkg. 19,30x24x2,50 (cm)

      6AV7260 SERIES SIMATIC IPC677D (PANEL PC), ST80.1U, 17 Kg

      6AV7260 SERIES SIMATIC IPC677D (PANEL PC), ST80.1U, 17 Kg

      6AV7260 SERIES SIMATIC IPC677D (PANEL PC), ST80.1U, 17 Kg

      6AV7863 SERIES SIMATIC IFP1500 FLAT PANEL, ST80.1T, 7.5 Kg

      6AV7863 SERIES SIMATIC IFP1900 FLAT PANEL, ST80.1T, 8.4 Kg

      6AV7863 SERIES SIMATIC IFP1900 FLAT PANEL, ST80.1T, 8.82 Kg

      6AV7863 SERIES SIMATIC IFP1900 FLAT PANEL, ST80.1T, 5.2 Kg

      6AV7863 SERIES SIMATIC IFP2200 FLAT PANEL, ST80.1T, 5.7 Kg

      6AV7863 SERIES SIMATIC IFP2200 FLAT PANEL, ST80.1T, 5.7 Kg

      6AV7863 SERIES SIMATIC IFP2200 FLAT PANEL, ST80.1T, 9.22 Kg, Pkg. 49x70x21 (cm)

      6AV7863 SERIES SIMATIC IFP2200 FLAT PANEL, ST80.1T, 9.6 Kg

      6AV7863 SERIES SIMATIC IFP2200 FLAT PANEL, ST80.1T, 5.7 Kg

      6AV7863 SERIES SIMATIC IFP2200 FLAT PANEL, ST80.1T, 5.7 Kg

        Basic Panel

        • Comfort Panel
        • Touch operation
        • 15" widescreen TFT display
        • 16 million color

        SIEMENS HMI Panels

        SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels are designed for powerful visualization tasks in the machine area. High performance, functionality and numerous integrated interfaces provide maximum convenience in high-performance applications. Standard SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels form the technological basis for a range of specialized options such as PRO devices with all-round IP 65 protection, panels with stainless steel fronts, outdoor options and SIPLUS hardened versions.

        Siemens SIMATIC HMI products is the best choice for complex HMI applications. They feature the latest technology, outstanding performance and built-in functionality, and come with high-quality aluminum front panels in sizes 7" and up. SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels are easily integrated into the TIA Portal via WinCC. This innovative engineering structure is the key to the full performance of Totally Integrated Automation.

        Stunning widescreen displays

        • The visualization area is up to 40% larger than conventional displays: even complex home screens can be clearly displayed and, for example, divided into application and monitoring areas.
        • Detailed display of the process and the best possible readability due to the high resolution. 16 million colors and wide viewing angle (up to 170°).
        • Longer life and lower power consumption of the display due to the fact that the LED backlight can be dimmed up to 100% and optimally adapted to the lighting conditions.
        • In 2012 SIMATIC HMI Comfort panels received the renowned iF Product Design Award.

        The SIMATIC HMI product family includes SIMATIC WinCC flexible and SIMATIC WinCC for visualization and configuration in all applications:

        1. SIMATIC WinCC flexible is powerful software for simple visualization tasks. It can be used to create solutions ranging from SIMATIC HMI operator panels to single-user PC-based HMI systems (WinCC flexible Runtime). WinCC flexible offers this powerful software for simple visualization tasks and the integrated software packages WinCC flexible Compact, WinCC flexible Micro, WinCC flexible Standard and WinCC flexible Advanced.
        2. SIMATIC WinCC is a process system or SCADA system (PC-based human-machine interface system) for visualizing and controlling processes, product flows, machines and plants. It can be used in all industries, from a simple single-user system to a distributed multi-user system with redundant servers and remote web clients. At the same time, WinCC is the clearinghouse for company-wide vertical integration (process control and platform for integration with the IT and business world).

        HMI products from Siemens are the intelligent answer to ever-increasingly complex processes and increasing demands on the functions of machines and plants. All SIMATIC HMI devices are optimally adapted to the specific needs of users in the field of operational control and monitoring. Consistent use of open, standardized hardware and software interfaces ensures perfect integration of individual components into client-side automation solutions.


        • Full support for the requirements of the Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) concept: increase productivity, reduce engineering costs, reduce operating costs throughout the entire life cycle.
        • Saving installation space due to portrait or landscape orientation of the case (for 4" and 6" devices).
        • Short configuration and commissioning times.
        • Simple and easy presentation of process parameters using I/O fields, vector graphics, trend curves, bar charts, texts and dot graphics.
        • Availability of a library of ready-made graphic objects.
        • Applicable worldwide: 32 configurable languages for messages and prompts.

        SIMATIC IPC477D

        Siemens SIMATIC IPC477D powerful included Panal PC, service-naturally and flexibly configurable. New Siemens 477D PC with innovational Intel CPU structure (Core i7, Core i3, Celeron). With this division, Siemens is consistently promoting its embedded product line with new technologies.

        The most important features of the Panel PC 577C, such as expansion via slot, DVD, 240 VAC power supply and hard disk, are available as options in the fanless SIMATIC IPC477D.

        • Coupled PC stage with extremely big manufactured suitability for challenging PC-based automation tasks
        • Service for nothing (no revolving compositions such as fans/tough drive)
        • Robust construction: The PC can withstand even very strong mechanical loads and is extremely reliable
        • Compact structure
        • Battery-independent residual memory on board
        • High investment security
        • Ability to quickly integrate

        Application area

        The SIMATIC IPC477D is allotted for use immediately on the engine where the focus is on the combination of robustness and maximum reliability (embedded platform security) and the openness of the PC is required (e.g. expansion of modules and connection of peripheral arrangement like printers, keypads, etc.).

        Due to the shallow installation depth, it can also be spent in limited setting circumstances.
        The PC is used in both industrial and operation automation, installed in monitoring lockers and bracket, 19-inch cupboard/stands.

        SIMATIC IPC477D is the unmatched stage for PC-based automation:

        1. SIMATIC WinCC customer (norm or multi-customer) for apportioned statement check and inspection
        2. SIMATIC WinCC as a uniform client decision for main statement inspection and check (also together with the WinCC WebNavigator Server)

        Siemens suggests a total modular scheme of harmoniously coordinated automation components.

        The main features:

        • Maximum suitability for industrial use due to robust construction even under big oscillation and stun cargo.
        • Lofty investment safety due to the ensured existence of stockpile details for materials.
        • Big component continuity for durable machine concepts without additional engineering effort.
        • Save time and money thanks to the user-friendly design of the device.
        • Front and back USB 2.0 interfaces for fast and light connexion of complementary equipment compositions.
        • Lofty manufactured functionality thanks to jointed PROFIBUS DP/MPI and PROFINET interfaces.
        • Service-free as it contains no revolving compositions (fan and harsh drive).
        • High flexibility with extensions (dispensable) like PCIe, second RS 232 port, DVD (except 12" TFT Touch).
        • Belittle downtime due to big scheme existence.
        • Efficacious self-diagnosis (DiagBase and SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor).
        • Big security and safety of the included stage.
        • An integral part of fully combined automation :
        • Enlarged performance, minimized design work, diminished life circle worth.
        • Delivery of entire resolutions for vitalization and automation in conjunction with WinCC elastic forwarded as well as WinCC.
        • High flexibility.

        User expandable with universal interfaces:

        • Four USB 3.0 interfaces on the back and one USB 2.0 interface on the front for fast and light connection of additional equipment compositions.
        • Light fieldbus integration thanks to combined PROFIBUS DP/MPI or PROFINET (3 PORTS; consistent with CP1616).
        • One CFast Card (flash drive) slot accessible from the outside
        • Full PC openness.