Siemens Softstarters SIRIUS 3RW

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    Auxiliary contact block

    SIRIUS soft starter S2 45 A

    • S2 63 A
    • 30 kW/400 V
    • 40 °C 200-480 V AC
    • 24 V AC/DC Screw terminals

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    • S6 117 A
    • 75 hp/460 V
    • 50 °C 200-460 V AC
    • 115 V AC Screw terminals

    Siemens 3RA2326-8XB30-1AK6 three-pole contactor

    • Rated current: 25 А
    • Voltage: 400 V
    • Number of poles: 3
    Siemens 3RA2445-8XF32-1AL2
    • Smooth starting of electric motors
    • Reduced starting current
    • Reduced load on the power grid
    • High reliability
    • Easy installation and maintenance

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      In stock of our partners

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          In stock of our partners

          Siemens 3RW4024-1TB04 Soft starter

          • Rated power: 5.5 kW
          • Rated current: 12,5 А
          • Rated mains voltage: 200-480 В
          • Power supply voltage for electronics: 24 V (AC/DC)

          Siemens 3RW4047-1BB14 soft starters S3

          • 55 kW/400 V
          • 40 °C 
          • 200-480 V AC
          • 110-230 V AC/DC
          Soft starter SIRIUS 3RW5535-6HA14
          • Power supply voltage: 200-480 V AC
          • Rated current: 143 А
          • Functions: soft start, soft braking, reverse, overload, overvoltage and ground fault protection
          • Connection method: terminal block

          Siemens 3RW5950-0CH00 PROFINET High-Feature Communication Module

          • Data transfer rate up to 100 Mbps
          • Supports PROFINET IO, PROFINET CBA and PROFINET Device Management standards
          • The built-in switch for connecting up to 8 PROFINET devices allows you to create small PROFINET local area networks.
          • Support for PROFINET security functions (SNMP, OPC UA and PROFINET Security)

          The Product is not Available now!

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          Synthetic external fan kit K154613

          Accessory for 3AH

          SENTRON, Switch disconnector 3LD

          LV HRC fuse element

          SENTRON, Fuse switch disconnector 3NP1

          SENTRON, Fuse switch disconnector 3NP1

          Reversing contactor assembly

          SIRIUS Compact load feeder Reversing starter

          Overload relay 6

            Auxiliary switch

            ASIsafe extended Safety monitor

            SIRIUS motor starter M200D AS-i Communication

            Power contactor

            Power contactor

            What are soft starters?

            Soft starters are devices providing a softer start-up method for a typical AC electric motor. They help to reduce the strain on the motor during the power-up. Instead of a sudden power surge that could cause a motor damage and may slowly wear down the entire machine, the soft starter is gradually increasing the voltage which allows smoother electric motor start procedure with less possible damage and wear. Soft starters are additional supplemental equipment devices that are highly recommended to be added to your AC electric motor.

            Today soft starters may be operated by a traditional manual start/stop switch or remotely by LAN/WAN/Ethernet connection (in some models). There is also the option of setting the starting voltage profile, adjusting the steepness of increase as well as time length for the complete motor power-up.

            How do soft starters work?

            A soft starter is limiting the motor’s torque, keeping the voltage strain on the motor’s circuit under control. Siemens AC soft starters’ designs include thyristors or silicon-controlled rectifiers, SCR. These units keep the amount of voltage for the motor under control limits while the motor starts.

            Besides electric motor starters that rely on electrical current management, there are also mechanical starters employing physical obstacles. Mechanical soft starters use couplings, clutches, magnetic forces, small steel balls, fluids and other methods to reduce and control the motor’s torque. They may also reduce the voltage surge allowing the AC motor to power up in a more gentle and easy way.

            What are soft starters used for?

            In general, soft starters protect your machinery and equipment from electrical damage and wear. It decreases your operating costs and extends the active life of industrial assets slowing up physical depreciation and aging. If you want to boost your ROA and protect your business bottom line, surely do invest in soft starters.

            Please explore our Siemens soft starters product catalog to discover how implementation of soft starters into your industrial machinery applications may help you. We offer the widest variety of soft starters including manual motor starters, soft start stops, three-phase motor starters, and many others.

            Being semi-universal in use with different electric motor types and sizes, soft starters show the top performance in electric motors whose circuits require a significant energy surge to power up. This is because such motors are most vulnerable to electric damage and wear.

            Let’s outline a few industrial applications where soft starters are commonly used to smooth  the start-up procedure

            1. Conveyor belts. A sudden start may jerk the belt off the line and inflict excessive pressure on the belt’s components. After Installing a Siemens soft starter, the start-up will become more gradual and seamless. The probability of the belt misaligning, damage, and wear will be greatly reduced.
            2. Fans. The rough sharp start may damage and wear a fan’s belt. It can also cause the belt jerking and slip off the bushing. A Siemens soft starter fixes the problem.
            3. Pump applications. Water supply pumps as well as other pump types are quite vulnerable to a power surge risk. A sudden power surge may cause water pressure spikes damaging and gradually destroying your equipment over time. The soft starter will keep electrical current under control supplying it to the motor in a gentle way. It will significantly reduce water damage and electrical surge damage risks as well as diminish overall equipment tear and wear.

            What are the advantages of using soft start motors?

            Let’s figure just the most common benefits of using soft starters on your motor:

            • Adjustable acceleration time. Siemens soft starters allow you to set up a timer and decide exactly how long your motor power-up procedure will take
              Extended life of your equipment. Installing a soft starter to your machine will reduce your operating cost and increase your ROA by lowering maintenance expenditures and extending the lifespan of your machinery and equipment.
            • Improved operational efficiency. Soft starters reduce initial power surge which significantly diminishes the probability of machinery malfunctions and failures. It will improve productivity and support higher operational efficiency.
            • Lower power surge risk. Siemens soft starters provide protection against power surges, thus mitigating the circuit overload risk.
            • Reduced energy consumption. Compliant with the ESG agenda, Siemens soft starters reduce the amount of energy consumed by reducing the initial surge of power the motor needs for a start-up.

            Besides, Siemens offers you a benefit of selection among the widest range of soft starters models available. You have the freedom to choose between an inline circuit or an inside-delta circuit. Siemens soft starters are easily integrated into the majority of industrial applications.

            To date, Siemens offers the World’s most advanced and innovative switching technology.

            We recommend

            1. Siemens medium voltage soft starters are designed for smoothing your electric motor’s starting mode. These starters are equipped with 2 or 3-phase motor controls and are suitable for several types of electric motors used in compressors, conveyors, pumping, and ventilation.

            2. Siemens Sirius 3RW soft starters range includes the following product series:

            • High Performance (5,5-1.200 kW)
            • General Performance (5,5-560 kW)
            • Basic Performance (1,5-315 kW)
            • Starter Kit "High Performance"
            • Simulation Tool (STS)

            3. 3RW52 and 3RW55 models are specially adapted for isolated networks up to 600V.

            4. With Sirius 3RW Hybrid soft starters, your industrial automation dreams and ideas will be perfectly fulfilled.

            Eltra Trade offers Siemens soft starters at the most competitive prices. Please see our Siemens soft starters catalog and contact us today.