Univer Pneumatic Complementary valves

Pneumatic foot valve G1/4 with protecrion

Binary counter. Electrical override

Binary counter. Pneumatic override

Flow control valve with metallic body

Flow control valve with metallic body

Flow control valve with metallic body

Flow control valve with metallic body

Flow control valve with metallic body

Flow control valve with metallic body univer am5067

Signal processing valve

Signal processing valve

Transdused and pressure switch

Gradual starter

Gradual starter

Gradual starter



Blocking valve

Blocking valve

Solenoid foot valve
Solenoid foot valve
AM Pneumatic and Solenoid Foot Valve
Flow control valve with metallic body
Flow control valve with metallic body
Flow control valve with metallic body
Flow control valve with metallic body
Flow control valve with metallic body

The valve maintains a constant pressure regardless of the cross section of the nozzle used. Ideal for continuous bypass operation. Excellent dynamic performance with rapid changes in fluid flow. The valves have a very high standard of reproducibility and good dynamic performance. The seal has a working surface on both sides.

What are Pneumatic Complementary valves for?

Valves are required for positive displacement high pressure pumps. To ensure the safe and efficient operation of volumetric action. Every high pressure plunger pump system needs safety and service valves.

Flow control valves:

  • AM-5062 Univer
  • AM-5061 Univer
  • AM-5041 Univer

Complementary valve features:

  • Very high reproducibility of actuation;
  • good dynamic performance;
  • double-sided sealing;
  • due to the multiple stages;
  • a very large pressure regulation area can be covered by the valve;
  • if desired, a special air control panel is available with which the individual stages can be easily controlled.

The main Series


Pneumatic drives with composition metal ball units

  • Full caliber ball valve
  • Anti blow out stem
  • Top-flange according to DIN-ISO 5211
  • Direct mounting


Double Couter (Flip Flop)

  • with electric monitoring
  • with pneumatic monitoring


M5 ÷ G1 flow regulator

Stream –control units are used mostly where there is necessity to control forcer speed in dual or one active pneumatic toppers.


signal processing valves G1-8 - snorkel Ø 4

These valves suitable for power or control circuits allow to obtain an output signal provided there are both input signals (AND valve) or one of the two (OR valve). The two versions, threaded connections G1/8 or quick couplings Ø 4x2, solve all application needs.


G1-8 ÷ G1 progressive actuators
Gradual starter (patented) is used in air-driven chains where a cut away in squeeze, an sharp launch is to be shunned to avert probable harm to facilities.


G1/8 ÷ G1 preheater

The economizer is generally used in those pneumatic equipments which require energy saving. The economizer with G 1/8 to G 1 connections functions as a pressure reducer, in one direction, with 1 to 5 bar regulation, and has free return on the opposite direction.


G1/2 ÷ G1 selection valves
Review units are devices that let tight air torrent in just one direction.


Locking units
Blocking valves are safeness devices which can pulley the topper core when, accidentally, the tension fails. Two-forked locking devices are used to sheave the cylinder stem when the bistable 5/2 valve that checks it has deenergized pilots. In this case the 5/3 function is obtained.


Pneumoelectric transducer
This device is used to turn a pneumatic call into an ON-OFF electric signal. An instance of its proposal is the steering of a solenoid unit or another electric device when there is a push at a point in the system (the tension can be of any importance given that it falls among the minimum and maximum values).

Calibrated pressure switch
The device is used when there is need of an ON-OFF electric signal at a pre-determined pressure in a plant (example: an electric reply to a solenoid valve). The above-mentioned pressure value can be calibrated between 1 and 8 bar by means of an adjusting screw.

G1-8 ÷ G1 Liquid Units


Positioning Arrangement for Pneumatic Toppers
Embodied pace regulators.

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