Univer Pneumatic Microcylinders Univer M ISO 6432

heavy duty cylinder

  • Mounting options: front, rear, side, flange, axle
  • Rod type: single-acting, double-acting
  • Piston type: single action, double action
  • Seal material: NBR, FKM, PTFE, EPDM, PU
  • Working fluid: air, oil
  • External coating: anodizing, powder coating

Microcylinder with stainless steel piston rod




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ISO 6432 Microcylinder with Stainless steel piston rod (standard vesion).

ISO 6432 Microcylinder Ø 8 .. 25 mm. Stainless steel piston rod (standard vesion).

ISO 6432 Microcylinder (Ø 16 .. 25 mm). Stainless steel With adjustable cushionings.

Microcylinder with stainless steel piston rod

Microcylinder with stainless steel piston rod

Microcylinder with stainless steel piston rod

Looking for reliable and efficient microcylinders? Discover Univer's M ISO 6432 microcylinders for precision and performance in your pneumatic systems. Learn more now.►►►

Pneumatic cylinders are one of the most important elements of all pneumatic systems. Thanks to their special design, they are mechanically actuated by compressed air. Let's take a closer look at pneumatic microcylinders.

Technical Information about Pneumatic Microcylinders

Pneumatic cylinders are actuators of systems and mechanisms operating on compressed air. They convert their energy into mechanical motion. Pneumatic cylinders are divided into two categories - piston and diaphragm cylinders. In our catalog, you will find products of the first type that convert the energy of compressed air into reciprocating motion.

The principle of their work is as follows: the energy carrier is fed into one of the product's cavities. At the same time, the second cavity is connected with atmospheric air. A pressure difference is created, under the influence of which the piston rod with the piston attached to it is moved. The result is a mechanical force.

Piston pneumatic cylinders can be single- or double-acting (depending on the direction of action). In the first case, the piston moves in one direction under the influence of compressed air, and in the other - due to the return spring. The peculiarity is that the same spring reduces the forward stroke force. These pneumatic cylinders are controlled by type 3/2 pneumatic distributors. They have three inlet/outlet channels and two possible spool positions, so they are also called three-line and two-position devices.

With double-acting pneumatic cylinders, the piston is moved in both directions by compressed air. Both forward and reverse movements are operational, but the former generates a more powerful force. Type 5/2 directional control valves are used for control. They have five inlet/outlet channels and two possible spool positions. These devices are also called five-line and two-position valves.

Sometimes small cylinders are needed due to special design requirements. For these applications, there are special smaller versions such as the Univer M1500250350M Micro Cylinder.

Technical specifications:

  • series: Ø8÷25 mm - ISO 6432 Microcylinders, Magnetic version;
  • type: 1. hardened steel piston rod, standard version;
  • version: 00= D.A. The standard version, double-acting;
  • bore (mm): 025 = Ø25;
  • stroke (mm): 350 (not in catalog);
  • Optimum ambient temperature:  -20 ÷ 80 °C;
  • fluid: cleaned air with or without lubricants;
  • minimum working pressure: 1,5 bar;
  • maximum working pressure: 10 bar;
  • plugs: aluminum, corrugated on the cylinder;
  • cylinder: stainless steel ;
  • piston: aluminum ;
  • pistons: crimped aluminum ;
  • cylinder: stainless steel;
  • piston: aluminum;
  • slide rail: acetal resin;
  • piston rod: stainless steel;
  • piston rod: stainless steel;
  • piston seal: nitrile butadiene rubber;
  • piston guide: acetal resin;
  • piston rod: stainless steel;
  • piston rod: stainless steel;
  • piston seal: nitrile butadiene rubber;
  • guide sleeve for piston rod: standard supplied;
  • cushioning seals: butadiene nitrile rubber;
  • cushioning: adjustable pneumatics;

The operation of mechanisms, and in particular the piston, under pressure, requires exceptional reliability of all parts.

Therefore, when choosing pneumatic products one should pay attention to proven brands. Univer has many years of experience in the production of pneumatic micro cylinders can be safely attributed to such a company.

If you want to know the pneumatic microcylinder price then you can contact us. Our managers will give you an up-to-date quotation and will help you if you have any questions.