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Valve with electrical impulse

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  • solenoid valve 
  • direct vacuum 
  • pilot vacuum supply G1/4-G1 1/8


MPM connector for U1 coil


U1 22 mm coil to be used with U1 electropilot

Cylinder accessory ref. UNIVER


Rotating cylinder

  • Pressure: 1,5…10 bar
  • Temperature: -20…+80 °C 
  • Bore diam.: 32mm


  • chromium-plate steel piston rod
  • female
  • ajustable pneumatic cushioning
  • piston seals: NBR


Repare kit

  • Operating pressure: 8... 10 bar
  • Ambient temperature: -10... + 45
  • Case: Acetal Resin

Univer Pneumatic started in the field of industrial automation in the 1970s with the first series of pneumatic and poppet valves. In the following decades, an expanding range of technologically advanced and original pneumatic components enabled the continuous growth and development of the company, which has become one of the largest Italian companies in the field of industrial automation equipment.

In 2000, after years of experience in supplying pneumatic components to the automotive market, the Automotive Division was established. At the moment, the company is one of the leaders in the Italian market for the production and sale of pneumatic equipment (pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic distributors, pneumatic valves).

UNIVER offers a wide and complete range of components for industrial automation. Each individual product is characterized by original and innovative manufacturing and technical solutions that make it unique and in line with international standards. Originality, high quality, reliability and long service life are the key factors of UNIVER products.

In addition, strict management processes and continuous improvement have allowed UNIVER to obtain ISO 9001 certification already in 1991 in order to achieve the highest quality standards.

UNIVER products

1. Pneumatic drives.
 A set of devices designed to set in motion parts of machines and mechanisms by means of compressed air energy.

2. Valves and distributors
A mechanism designed to open, close, or regulate the flow of something when certain conditions occur. Hydraulic distributor is a device for controlling hydraulic flows in a hydraulic system using external influence.

3. Fittings and hoses
The connecting part of the pipeline, installed for branching, turns, transitions to a different diameter, as well as, if necessary, frequent assembly and disassembly of pipes. Fittings also serve to hermetically seal the pipeline and other auxiliary purposes.

4. Air preparation equipment
Equipment designed for the preparation and distribution of clean air in order to achieve certain environmental parameters.

5. IO-Link position sensors
Designed to evaluate the linear movement and position/distance of an object.

  • IO-Link field module
  • IO-Link communication modules for valve islands
  • Pin clamps

6. Power hinges
Allows the shaft to transmit power through a variable angle, at a constant speed of rotation, without a significant increase in friction or wobble.

7. Pin blocks
The unit works in conjunction with signaling through additional channels. Opening/closing of the pins occurs on command from the alarm key fob. To reduce the load on the on-board network, the block opens and closes the pins in groups.

8. Corner adapters
Serve to connect the breathing circuit directly to the face mask, laryngeal mask, endotracheal or tracheostomy tube, for which the hole at their distal end has a standard diameter.

9. Mounting plates
Such a fastener is characterized by resistance to high loads. The recommended scope of use of fastening plates is the fastening of wooden structures with a relatively large weight.

10. Frame components
11. Electronic actuator
For this purpose, a special device is included in the design of the turbocharger - an electronic turbine actuator. The actuator is a valve through which exhaust gases exit outside, bypassing the turbine wheel.

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