AS-Interface Safety at Work
IFM Electronic AC422S
1371.36 EUR
Application:Use as AS-i Ethernet/IP gateway with safe preprocessing
Protection:IP 20
Output function:transistor PNP
Ambient temperature:0...50, for UL applications: max. 45 °C °C
Function display:LED 1 x red / green (combined LED)
Shortcode:AS-i Gateway 2Master EIP Safe
Sensor supply:to SELV/PELV
Circuit:DC PNP
Operating voltage:18...32 V DC (AUX)
Voltage range:24 DC (18...32 DC) V
Electrical design:4 safe local inputs (dual channel) and 4 safe local semiconductor outputs
Product Name:AC422S
Housing materials:aluminium powder-coated, steel sheet galvanised, Makrolon