Pepperl+Fuchs IA8-M1K-I3

Inductive analog sensor
Pepperl+Fuchs IA8-M1K-I3
152.00 EUR
General specifications
Switching element functionAnalog current output
Output polarityDC
Measurement range3 ... 8 mm
Nominal ratings
Operating voltage15 ... 30 V
Repeat accuracy0 ... 6 mm
No-load supply currentless than or equal to 8 mA
Functional safety related parameters
MTTFd2690 a
Mission Time (TM)20 a
Diagnostic Coverage (DC)0 %
Analog output
Output type0 ... 20 mA
Linearity errorless than or equal to ± 10 % of full-scale value
Load resistorless than or equal to 500 Om
Temperature driftless than or equal to ± 0.1 %/K of full-scale value
Approvals and certificates
UL approvalcULus Listed, General Purpose
CSA approvalcCSAus Listed, General Purpose
CCC approvalCCC approval / marking not required for products rated less than or equal to 36 V
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature-10 ... 70 °C (14 ... 158 °F)
Mechanical specifications
Connection typeterminal compartment
Core cross-sectionup to 2.5 mm2
Housing materialPBT
Sensing facePBT
Degree of protectionIP67