Schneider Electric VW3A3503

Water solution multi-pump card
Schneider Electric VW3A3503
317.60 EUR
[Us] rated supply voltage24 V
Supply circuit typeDC
Analogue input number2
Analogue input typeAI51, AI52 current analog input : 0...20 mA, impedance: 250 Ohm, resolution: 10 bits
Analogue output number2
Analogue output typeAO51, AO52 current analog output : 0...20 mA, impedance: 500 Ohm, resolution: 10 bits
Discrete input number10
Discrete input type(LI51...LI60) logic inputs, 24 V DC, compatible with level 1 PLC (voltage limits:<= 30 V), impedance: 4.4 kOhm
Discrete input logic(LI51...LI60) positive state 0 <= 5 V state 1 >= 11 V
Discrete output number6
Discrete output type(LO51...LO56) logic output, compatible with level 1 PLC
Discrete output logic(LO51...LO56) positive
Battery typeLithium
Device Full NameSchneider Electric VW3A3503