Sick OPR20G-RB111517

Glare sensors
Sick OPR20G-RB111517
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Part Number1065685
Jitter:500 µs
Connection type:Male connector M12, 5-pin
Sensing distance:50 mm
Circuit protection :A, C, D
IO-Link advanced functions:-
UL File No.:NRKH.E181493
Teach-in mode:Static 1-point teach-in
2-point teach-in dynamic
Static 2-point teach-in
Static 3-point teach-in
Wave length:640 nm
Number of switching outputs:2 (Q1, Q2)
Sensing distance tolerance:± 5 mm
Ripple :≤ 5 Vpp
Switching output:Push/Pull (High: VS - 3 V, Low: < 3 V)
Protection class:III
Dimensions (W x H x D):42.5 mm x 44 mm x 43.4 mm
Supply voltage :10 V DC ... 30 V DC
Switching frequency :500 Hz
Type of light:Visible red light
Fieldbus interface:-
Sensitivity:Fine, Coarse, Middle
Housing material:ABS, Plastic
Minimum detectable object (MDO) :12 x 14 mm:
Housing design (light emission):Rectangular
Object speed max. :2 m/s
Sensor principle:Delta-S-Technology®
Output current Imax. :< 100 mA
Ambient operating temperature:-10 °C ... +55 °C
Light spot size:10 mm x 12 mm
Shock load:Continuous shock (25 g/11 MS)
Single shock (30 g/11 MS)
According to EN 60068-2-27
Enclosure rating:IP 67, IP 67
Initialization time:< 2.5 s
Response time :1 ms
Ambient storage temperature:-25 °C ... +75 °C
Alignment tolerance :± 1 °
Power consumption :< 150 mA
Input:HIGH = > VS - 2 V / LOW = open or < 2 V
Weight:130 g
IO-Link functions:-
Ambient light safety:> 50 klx
Light source :LED
Adjustment:Single teach-in button Teach-in
Cable Teach-in
Potentiometer Sensitivity (Q, Q/, teach-in)
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