Pressure Transmitter PHT

We are sorry, but Sick PHT-RB6X0SVF0S0AFT0Z is no longer available to order.


Part Number6039456
Pressure type:Gauge pressure
Enclosure rating:IP 67
Dielectric strength:500 V DC, NEC Class 02 power supply (low voltage and low current max. 100 VA even under fault conditions)
Output signal:4...20 mA
Housing material:Stainless steel 1.4571
Shock load:500 g according to IEC 60068-2-27 (mechanical shock)
Weight sensor:± 500 g
Accuracy:<= +/- 0.5 % (of span)
Protection class III:+
Measuring range:0 bar ... 6 bar
Ambient temperature:-20 °C ... 80 °C
Rated temperature:0 °C ... 80 °C
Vibration load:15g per IEC 60068-2-6 (vibration under resonance)
Process connection:Varivent Connector Type F
Electrical safety:Short-circuit protection: QA towards M, Overvoltage protection: 36 V DC, Reverse polarity protection: L+ towards M
Supply voltage: 11 V DC ... 30 V DC
Non-linearity:0.2 % (Best Fit Straight Line (BFSL))
Response time:<= 10 ms
Wetted parts:Stainless steel 1.4435
Connection type:Field housing IP 67
Process temperature:-20 °C ... 150 °C