ABB 1SDA0546

ABB 1SDA0546

The MAGNETIC RELEASE FOUR-POLE line from ABB is a series of four-pole magnetic release devices used to protect electrical circuits from overloads and short circuits.

Item Number: 1SDA0546
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1SDA054600R0001T5D 400  4p F F
1SDA054601R0001T5D 630  3p F F
1SDA054602R0001T5D 630  4p F F
1SDA054603R0001PR221DS-LS/I In=100 T4 3p
1SDA054604R0001PR221DS-LS/I In=160 T4 3p
1SDA054605R0001PR221DS-LS/I In=250 T4 3p
1SDA054606R0001PR221DS-I In=100 T4 3p
1SDA054607R0001PR221DS-I In=160 T4 3p
1SDA054608R0001PR221DS-I In=250 T4 3p
1SDA054609R0001PR222DS/P-LSI In=100 T4 3p
1SDA054610R0001PR222DS/P-LSI In=160 T4 3p
1SDA054611R0001PR222DS/P-LSI In=250 T4 3p
1SDA054612R0001PR222DS/P-LSIG In=100 T4 3p
1SDA054613R0001PR222DS/P-LSIG In=160 T4 3p
1SDA054614R0001PR222DS/P-LSIG In=250 T4 3p
1SDA054615R0001PR221DS-LS/I In=100 T4 4p
1SDA054616R0001PR221DS-LS/I In=160 T4 4p
1SDA054617R0001PR221DS-LS/I In=250 T4 4p
1SDA054618R0001PR221DS-I In=100 T4 4p
1SDA054619R0001PR221DS-I In=160 T4 4p
1SDA054620R0001PR221DS-I In=250 T4 4p
1SDA054621R0001PR222DS/P-LSI In=100 T4 4p
1SDA054622R0001PR222DS/P-LSI In=160 T4 4p
1SDA054623R0001PR222DS/P-LSI In=250 T4 4p
1SDA054624R0001PR222DS/P-LSIG In=100 T4 4p
1SDA054625R0001PR222DS/P-LSIG In=160 T4 4p
1SDA054626R0001PR222DS/P-LSIG In=250 T4 4p
1SDA054627R0001PR221DS-LS/I In=320 T4 320 3p
1SDA054628R0001PR221DS-I In=320 T4 320 3p
1SDA054629R0001PR222DS/P-LSI In=320 T4 320 3p
1SDA054630R0001PR222DS/P-LSIG In=320 T4 320 3p
1SDA054631R0001PR221DS-LS/I In=320 T4 320 4p
1SDA054632R0001PR221DS-I In=320 T4 320 4p
1SDA054633R0001PR222DS/P-LSI In=320 T4 320 4p
1SDA054634R0001PR222DS/P-LSIG In=320 T4 320 4p
1SDA054635R0001PR222DS/PD-LSI In=100 MODBUS T4 3p
1SDA054636R0001PR222DS/PD-LSI In=160 MODBUS T4 3p
1SDA054637R0001PR222DS/PD-LSI In=250 MODBUS T4 3p
1SDA054638R0001PR222DS/PD-LSIG In=100 MODBUS T4 3p
1SDA054639R0001PR222DS/PD-LSIG In=160 MODBUS T4 3p
1SDA054640R0001PR222DS/PD-LSIG In=250 MODBUS T4 3p
1SDA054641R0001PR222DS/PD-LSI In=100 MODBUS T4 4p
1SDA054642R0001PR222DS/PD-LSI In=160 MODBUS T4 4p
1SDA054643R0001PR222DS/PD-LSI In=250 MODBUS T4 4p
1SDA054644R0001PR222DS/PD-LSIG In=100 MODBUS T4 4p
1SDA054645R0001PR222DS/PD-LSIG In=160 MODBUS T4 4p
1SDA054646R0001PR222DS/PD-LSIG In=250 MODBUS T4 4p
1SDA054647R0001PR222DS/PD-LSI In=320 MODBUS T4 320
1SDA054648R0001PR222DS/PD-LSIG In=320 MODBUS T4 32
1SDA054649R0001PR222DS/PD-LSI In=320 MODBUS T4 320
1SDA054650R0001PR222DS/PD-LSIG In=320 MODBUS T4 32
1SDA054651R0001TMD 20-320 T4 3p
1SDA054652R0001TMD 32-320 T4 3p
1SDA054653R0001TMD 50-500 T4 3p
1SDA054654R0001TMA 80-400...800 T4 3p
1SDA054655R0001TMA 100-500...1000 T4 3p
1SDA054656R0001TMA 125-625...1250 T4 3p
1SDA054657R0001TMA 160-1600 T4 3p
1SDA054658R0001TMA 200-1000...2000 T4 3p
1SDA054659R0001TMA 250-1250...2500 T4 3p
1SDA054660R0001TMD 20-320 T4 4p
1SDA054661R0001TMD 32-320 T4 4p
1SDA054662R0001TMD 50-500 T4 4p
1SDA054663R0001TMA 80-800 T4 4p
1SDA054664R0001TMA 100-1000 T4 4p
1SDA054665R0001TMA 125-1250 T4 4p
1SDA054666R0001TMA 160-1600 T4 4p
1SDA054667R0001TMA 200-2000 T4 4p
1SDA054668R0001TMA 250-2500 T4 4p
1SDA054671R0001TMA 125-1250 T4 4p InN=100%In
1SDA054672R0001TMA 160-1600 T4 4p InN=100%In
1SDA054673R0001TMA 200-2000 T4 4p InN=100%In
1SDA054674R0001TMA 250-2500 T4 4p InN=100%In
1SDA054676R0001MA 80-1120 T4 3p
1SDA054677R0001MA 100-1400 T4 3p
1SDA054678R0001MA 125-1750 T4 3p
1SDA054679R0001MA 160-2240 T4 3p
1SDA054680R0001MA 200-2800 T4 3p
1SDA054682R0001MA 80-1120 T4 4p
1SDA054683R0001MA 100-1400 T4 4p
1SDA054684R0001MA 125-1750 T4 4p
1SDA054685R0001MA 160-2240 T4 4p
1SDA054686R0001MA 200-2800 T4 4p
1SDA054688R0001PR222MP In=100 T4 3p
1SDA054689R0001PR222MP In=160 T4 3p
1SDA054690R0001PR222MP In=200 T4 3p
1SDA054691R0001PR221DS-LS/I In=320 T5 3p
1SDA054692R0001PR221DS-LS/I In=400 T5 3p
1SDA054693R0001PR221DS-I In=320 T5 3p
1SDA054694R0001PR221DS-I In=400 T5 3p
1SDA054695R0001PR222DS/P-LSI In=320 T5 3p
1SDA054696R0001PR222DS/P-LSI In=400 T5 3p
1SDA054697R0001PR222DS/P-LSIG In=320 T5 3p
1SDA054698R0001PR222DS/P-LSIG In=400 T5 3p
1SDA054699R0001PR221DS-LS/I In=320 T5 4p


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