ABB 1SDA0547
Circuit Breakers

ABB 1SDA0547

ABB T5 is a new series of modular circuit breakers offering a wide range of features and benefits for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Designed with safety, reliability and ease of use in mind, T5 circuit breakers meet the highest quality standards.

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1SDA054700R0001PR221DS-LS/I In=400 T5 4p
1SDA054701R0001PR221DS-I In=320 T5 4p
1SDA054702R0001PR221DS-I In=400 T5 4p
1SDA054703R0001PR222DS/P-LSI In=320 T5 4p
1SDA054704R0001PR222DS/P-LSI In=400 T5 4p
1SDA054705R0001PR222DS/P-LSIG In=320 T5 4p
1SDA054706R0001PR222DS/P-LSIG In=400 T5 4p
1SDA054707R0001PR221DS-LS/I In=630 T5 630 3p
1SDA054708R0001PR221DS-I In=630 T5 630 3p
1SDA054709R0001PR222DS/P-LSI In=630 T5 630 3p
1SDA054710R0001PR222DS/P-LSIG In=630 T5 630 3p
1SDA054711R0001PR222DS/PD-LSI In=320 MODBUS T5 3p
1SDA054712R0001PR222DS/PD-LSI In=400 MODBUS T5 3p
1SDA054713R0001PR222DS/PD-LSIG In=320 MODBUS T5 3p
1SDA054714R0001PR222DS/PD-LSIG In=400 MODBUS T5 3p
1SDA054715R0001PR222DS/PD-LSI In=320 MODBUS T5 4p
1SDA054716R0001PR222DS/PD-LSI In=400 MODBUS T5 4p
1SDA054717R0001PR222DS/PD-LSIG In=320 MODBUS T5 4p
1SDA054718R0001PR222DS/PD-LSIG In=400 MODBUS T5 4p
1SDA054719R0001PR222DS/PD-LSI In=630 MODBUS T5 630
1SDA054720R0001PR222DS/PD-LSIG In=630 MODBUS T5 63
1SDA054721R0001PR222DS/PD-LSI In=630 MODBUS T5 630
1SDA054722R0001PR222DS/PD-LSIG In=630 MODBUS T5 63
1SDA054723R0001TMA 320-3200 T5 3p
1SDA054724R0001TMA 400-4000 T5 3p
1SDA054725R0001TMA 320-3200 T5 4p
1SDA054726R0001TMA 400-4000 T5 4p
1SDA054727R0001TMA 500-5000 T5 630 3p
1SDA054729R0001TMA 500-5000 T5 630 4p
1SDA054731R0001TMA 320-3200 T5 4p InN=100%In
1SDA054732R0001TMA 400-4000 T5 4p InN=100%In
1SDA054733R0001TMA 500-5000 T5 630 4p InN=100%In
1SDA054735R0001PR222MP In=320 T5 3p
1SDA054736R0001PR222MP In=400 T5 3p
1SDA054745R0001T4 W FP 3p HR
1SDA054748R0001T4 W FP 4p HR
1SDA054749R0001T5 400 P FP 3p EF
1SDA054750R0001T5 400 P FP 3p VR
1SDA054751R0001T5 400 P FP 3p HR
1SDA054752R0001T5 400 P FP 4p EF
1SDA054753R0001T5 400 P FP 4p VR
1SDA054754R0001T5 400 P FP 4p HR
1SDA054755R0001T5 400 W FP 3p EF
1SDA054756R0001T5 400 W FP 3p VR
1SDA054757R0001T5 400 W FP 3p HR
1SDA054758R0001T5 400 W FP 4p EF
1SDA054759R0001T5 400 W FP 4p VR
1SDA054761R0001T5 400 W FP 4p HR
1SDA054762R0001T5 630 P FP 3p EF
1SDA054763R0001T5 630 P FP 3p VR
1SDA054764R0001T5 630 P FP 3p HR
1SDA054765R0001T5 630 P FP 4p EF
1SDA054766R0001T5 630 P FP 4p VR
1SDA054767R0001T5 630 P FP 4p HR
1SDA054768R0001T5 630 W FP 3p EF
1SDA054769R0001T5 630 W FP 3p VR
1SDA054770R0001T5 630 W FP 3p HR
1SDA054771R0001T5 630 W FP 4p EF
1SDA054772R0001T5 630 W FP 4p VR
1SDA054774R0001T5 630 W FP 4p HR


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