ABB 1SDA0671
Cable terminals

ABB 1SDA0671
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KIT FC CuAl 1x90...185mm2 XT3 8pcs by ABB is a set of front cable terminals made of copper and aluminum, which are used to connect cables to XT3 circuit breakers.

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1SDA067101R0001XT2N 160 Ekip I In=160A 4p F F 
1SDA067102R0001XT2N 160 Ekip LSI In=10A 4p F F
1SDA067103R0001XT2N 160 Ekip LSI In=25A 4p F F
1SDA067104R0001XT2N 160 Ekip LSI In=63A 4p F F
1SDA067105R0001XT2N 160 Ekip LSI In=100A 4p F F
1SDA067107R0001XT2N 160 Ekip LSI In=160A 4p F F 
1SDA067108R0001XT2N 160 Ekip LSIG In=10A 4p F F
1SDA067109R0001XT2N 160 Ekip LSIG In=25A 4p F F
1SDA067110R0001XT2N 160 Ekip LSIG In=63A 4p F F
1SDA067111R0001XT2N 160 Ekip LSIG In=100A 4p F F
1SDA067113R0001XT2N 160 Ekip LSIG In=160A 4p FF 
1SDA067115R0001KIT W MP RC XT4 4p
1SDA067121R0001RC Sel 200 x XT1 4p F
1SDA067122R0001RC Inst x XT1 3p F
1SDA067123R0001RC Sel x XT1 3p F
1SDA067124R0001RC Inst x XT1 4p F
1SDA067125R0001RC Sel x XT1 4p F
1SDA067126R0001RC Sel x XT2 4p F
1SDA067127R0001RC Inst x XT3 3p F
1SDA067128R0001RC Sel x XT3 3p F
1SDA067129R0001RC Inst x XT3 4p F
1SDA067130R0001RC Sel x XT3 4p F
1SDA067131R0001RC Sel x XT4 4p F
1SDA067132R0001RC B Type x XT3 4p F
1SDA067134R0001KIT DIN50022 XT1+RC Sel 200 PLATE DIN
1SDA067135R0001KIT DIN50022 XT1+RC PLATE DIN
1SDA067139R0001KIT DIN50022 XT3+RC PLATE DIN
1SDA067149R0001Terminals HR
1SDA067159R0001KIT FC CuAl 1x150...240mm2 XT1 3pcs +ADP
1SDA067160R0001KIT FC CuAl 1x150...240mm2 XT1 4pcs +ADP
1SDA067161R0001KIT FC CuAl 1x150...240mm2 XT1 6pcs +ADP
1SDA067162R0001KIT FC CuAl 1x150...240mm2 XT1 8pcs +ADP
1SDA067169R0001KIT FC CuAl 1x70...185mm2 XT2 6pcs
1SDA067170R0001KIT FC CuAl 1x70...185mm2 XT2 8pcs
1SDA067171R0001KIT FC CuAl 1x150...240mm2 XT2 3pcs +ADP
1SDA067172R0001KIT FC CuAl 1x150...240mm2 XT2 4pcs +ADP
1SDA067173R0001KIT FC CuAl 1x150...240mm2 XT2 6pcs +ADP
1SDA067174R0001KIT FC CuAl 1x150...240mm2 XT2 8pcs +ADP
1SDA067177R0001KIT FC CuAl 2x35...95mm2 XT2 6pcs
1SDA067178R0001KIT FC CuAl 2x35...95mm2 XT2 8pcs
1SDA067181R0001KIT FC CuAl 1x90...185mm2 XT3 6pcs
1SDA067182R0001KIT FC CuAl 1x90...185mm2 XT3 8pcs
1SDA067183R0001KIT FC CuAl 1x150...240mm2 XT3 3pcs +ADP
1SDA067184R0001KIT FC CuAl 1x150...240mm2 XT3 4pcs +ADP
1SDA067185R0001KIT FC CuAl 1x150...240mm2 XT3 6pcs +ADP
1SDA067186R0001KIT FC CuAl 1x150...240mm2 XT3 8pcs +ADP
1SDA067188R0001KIT FC CuAl 2x35...150mm2 XT3 4pcs
1SDA067189R0001KIT FC CuAl 2x35...150mm2 XT3 6pcs
1SDA067190R0001KIT FC CuAl 2x35...150mm2 XT3 8pcs
1SDA067193R0001KIT FC CuAl 1x2.5...185mm2 XT4 6pcs
1SDA067194R0001KIT FC CuAl 1x2.5...185mm2 XT4 8pcs
1SDA067195R0001KIT FC CuAl 1x150...240mm2 XT4 3pcs +ADP
1SDA067196R0001KIT FC CuAl 1x150...240mm2 XT4 4pcs +ADP
1SDA067197R0001KIT FC CuAl 1x150...240mm2 XT4 6pcs +ADP
1SDA067198R0001KIT FC CuAl 1x150...240mm2 XT4 8pcs +ADP
1SDA067199R0001KIT FC CuAl 2x35...150mm2 XT4 3pcs

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