ABB 1SDA0737
Electrical indicator

ABB 1SDA0737
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The YR 24 VDC E2.2-E6.2 from ABB is a series of electrical indicators with remote reset for use with Emax 2 contactors. They can be used to visually indicate the operating status of the contactors as well as to remotely reset the alarm.

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1SDA073700R0001YU E1.2..E6.2 220-240 Vac/dc
1SDA073701R0001YU E1.2..E6.2 240-250 Vac/dc
1SDA073703R0001YU E1.2..E6.2 380-400 Vac
1SDA073704R0001YU E1.2..E6.2 415-440 Vac
1SDA073705R0001YU E1.2..E6.2 440-500 Vac
1SDA073706R0001YU E1.2..E6.2 500-550 Vac
1SDA073708R0001M  E1.2 24-30 Vac/dc
1SDA073709R0001M  E1.2 48-60 Vac/dc
1SDA073710R0001M  E1.2 100-130 Vac/dc
1SDA073711R0001M  E1.2 220-250 VAC/DC                  
1SDA073713R0001M  E1.2 380-415 Vac
1SDA073714R0001M  E1.2 440-480 Vac
1SDA073715R0001M  E1.2 24-30 Vac/dc + MC 24V
1SDA073716R0001M  E1.2 48-60 Vac/dc + MC 24V
1SDA073717R0001M  E1.2 100-130 Vac/dc + MC 24V
1SDA073718R0001M  E1.2 220-250 Vac/dc + MC 24V
1SDA073720R0001M  E1.2 380-415 Vac + MC 24V
1SDA073721R0001M  E1.2 440-480 Vac + MC 24V
1SDA073722R0001M  E2.2...E6.2 24-30 Vac/dc
1SDA073723R0001M  E2.2...E6.2 48-60 Vac/dc
1SDA073724R0001M  E2.2...E6.2 100-130 Vac/dc
1SDA073725R0001M  E2.2...E6.2 220-250 Vac/dc
1SDA073727R0001M  E2.2...E6.2 380-415 Vac
1SDA073728R0001M  E2.2...E6.2 440-480 Vac
1SDA073729R0001M  E2.2...E6.2 24-30 Vac/dc + MC 24V
1SDA073730R0001M  E2.2...E6.2 48-60 Vac/dc + MC 24V
1SDA073731R0001M  E2.2...E6.2 100-130 Vac/dc + MC 24V
1SDA073732R0001M E2.2...E6.2 220-250 VAC/DC + MC 24V   
1SDA073734R0001M  E2.2...E6.2 380-415 Vac + MC 24V
1SDA073735R0001M  E2.2...E6.2 440-480 Vac + MC 24V
1SDA073736R0001Ext CS N E1.2
1SDA073737R0001Ext CS N E2.2
1SDA073738R0001Ext CS N E4.2
1SDA073739R0001Ext CS N 50% E6.2
1SDA073740R0001Ext CS N E6.2
1SDA073741R0001Toroide RC E1.2, E2.2 3p
1SDA073742R0001Toroide RC E2.2 4p, E4.2
1SDA073743R0001Toroide omopolare E1.2...E6.2 100A
1SDA073744R0001YR 24 VDC E1.2
1SDA073745R0001YR 110 VAC/DC E1.2
1SDA073746R0001YR 250 VAC/DC E1.2
1SDA073747R0001YR 24 VDC E2.2-E6.2
1SDA073748R0001YR 110 VAC/DC E2.2-E6.2
1SDA073749R0001YR 250 VAC/DC E2.2-E6.2
1SDA073750R0001AUX 4Q 400V E1.2                        
1SDA073751R0001AUX 4Q 24V E1.2
1SDA073752R0001AUX 2Q 400V + 2Q 24V E1.2
1SDA073753R0001AUX 4Q 400V E2.2...E6.2
1SDA073754R0001AUX 4Q 24V E2.2-E6.2
1SDA073755R0001AUX 2Q 400V + 2Q 24V E2.2-E6.2
1SDA073756R0001AUX 6Q 400VAC E2.2...E6.2               
1SDA073757R0001AUX 6Q 24V E2.2-E6.2
1SDA073758R0001AUX 15Q 400V E1.2
1SDA073759R0001AUX 15Q 24V E1.2
1SDA073760R0001AUX 15Q 400V E2.2-.E6.2
1SDA073761R0001AUX 15Q 24V E2.2-.E6.2
1SDA073770R0001RTC 250V E1.2
1SDA073771R0001RTC 24V E1.2
1SDA073772R0001RTC Ekip 24V E1.2
1SDA073773R0001RTC 250V E2.2-E6.2
1SDA073774R0001RTC 24V E2.2-E6.2
1SDA073775R0001RTC Ekip 24V E2.2-E6.2
1SDA073780R0001MOC E1.2
1SDA073781R0001MOC E2.2-.E6.2
1SDA073797R0001KLA Castell E2.2...E6.2

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