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ABB's HOMOPOLAR E1.2..E6.2-XT7-XT7M 400A is a wide range of high-quality transformers suitable for a wide range of applications. These transformers offer a number of advantages, including high efficiency, low noise, compact size, easy installation, and high reliability.

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1SDA075105R0001XT2H 125 Ekip M-LIU In=100A 3p FF UL/CSA
1SDA075114R0001XT3N 225 TMF 125-1250 3p F F UL/CSA
1SDA075115R0001XT3N 225 TMF 80-800 3p F F UL/CSA
1SDA075116R0001XT3N 225 TMF 175-1750 3p F F UL/CSA
1SDA075117R0001XT3N 225 TMF 200-2000 3p F F UL/CSA
1SDA075118R0001XT3N 225 TMF 225-2250 3p F F UL/CSA
1SDA075168R0001XT4N 250 TMA 225 1125..2250 3p FF UL/CSA
1SDA075169R0001XT4N 250 TMA 250 1250..2500 3p FF UL/CSA
1SDA075187R0001XT4N 250 TMA 250 1250..2500 4p FF UL/CSA
1SDA075204R0001XT4S 250 TMA 250 1250..2500 3p FF UL/CSA
1SDA075217R0001XT4S 250 TMA 125 625..1250 4p F F UL/CSA
1SDA075219R0001XT4S 250 TMA 175 875..1750 4p F F UL/CSA
1SDA075220R0001XT4S 250 TMA 200 1000..2000 4p FF UL/CSA
1SDA075237R0001XT4H 250 TMA 200 1000..2000 3p FF UL/CSA
1SDA075239R0001XT4H 250 TMA 250 1250..2500 3p FF UL/CSA
1SDA075342R0001XT4H 250 MCP In=150 3p F F UL/CSA
1SDA075345R0001XT4H 250 MCP Iu=225 3p F F UL/CSA
1SDA075346R0001XT4H 250 MCP Iu=250 3p F F UL/CSA       
1SDA075374R0001XT4S 250 Ekip LS/I In=225A 3p F F UL/CSA
1SDA075375R0001XT4S 250 Ekip LS/I In=250A 3p F F UL/CSA
1SDA075399R0001XT4H 250 Ekip LS/I In=250A 3p F F UL/CSA
1SDA075422R0001XT4N 250 Ekip LSI In=225A 3p F F UL/CSA 
1SDA075614R0001XT1H-D 125 MCS-UL/CSA Im=1500 3p F F
1SDA075616R0001XT3N-D 225 MCS-UL/CSA Im=2700 3p F F
1SDA075617R0001XT3N-D 225 MCS-UL/CSA Im=2700 4p F F
1SDA075620R0001XT4N-D 250 3P F F UL/CSA
1SDA075860R0001KIT FC CuAl 14-1/0 AWG XT4 8pcs UL/CSA
1SDA075864R0001KIT FC CuAl 4-300 AWG XT4 8pcs UL/CSA
1SDA075973R0001AUX 3Q 24V - AUX 3Q 400V  E2.2-E6.2
1SDA076082R0001EMAX service set
1SDA076154R0001Ekip Programing E1.2 - E6.2
1SDA076170R0001Ekip Com R IEC61850 E1.2..E6.2          
1SDA076248R0001Toroide omopolare E1.2...E6.2 250A
1SDA076249R0001Toroide omopolare E1.2...E6.2 400A
1SDA076250R0001Toroide omopolare E1.2...E6.2 800A
1SDA076529R0001XT2N 160 MA 160 Im=960…2240 3p F F
1SDA076530R0001XT2S 160 MA 160 Im=960…2240 3p F F
1SDA076535R0001XT2H 160 MA 160 Im=960…2240 3p F F
1SDA076536R0001XT2L 160 MA 160 Im=960…2240 3p F F
1SDA076537R0001XT2V 160 MA 160 Im=960…2240 3p F F
1SDA076538R0001MA 160 IM=960...2240 XT2 3P
1SDA076898R0001T5D/PV-E 500 4p F F 1500V DC            
1SDA076933R0001E1.2N-A 800 Ekip Touch LSIG 3p F F      
1SDA077013R0001E1.2N-A 800 Ekip Touch LSIG 4p F F      
1SDA077122R0001E1.2S-A 400 Ekip Touch LSI 3p WMP       
1SDA077639R0001E2.2S-A 800 Ekip Dip LSI 3p WMP         
1SDA077642R0001E2.2S-A 800 Ekip Touch LSI 3p WMP
1SDA077652R0001E2.2S-A 1200 Ekip Touch LSI 3p WMP
1SDA077662R0001E2.2S-A 1600 Ekip Touch LSI 3p WMP
1SDA077672R0001E2.2S-A 2000 Ekip Touch LSI 3p WMP      
1SDA078534R0001E4.2V-A 3200 Ekip G Touch LSIG 3p WMP   
1SDA079696R0001E1.2-A W FP Iu=1200 3p HR HR UL         
1SDA079698R0001E2.2-A W FP Iu=2000 3p HR HR UL
1SDA079702R0001E4.2-A W FP Iu=3200 3p VR VR UL         

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