ABB 1SFA898116R7000

ABB 1SFA898116R7000
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Rated Operational Voltage:Main Circuit 208 ... 600 V AC

Rated Control Supply Voltage (U ): 100 ... 250 V AC

Rated Control Circuit Voltage (U ): DC Operation 24 V AC/DC

Rated Frequency (f): Main Circuit 50/60 Hz

Rated Operational Power - In-Line Connection (Pe): at 400 V 250 kW

ABB Softstarters make an enormous contribution to the world of electrical engineering, allowing to reliably control all stages of the operation of electric motors. ABB offers 4 series of soft starters for the majority efficient solution to the engine control tasks with rated currents up to 1810A for any application. Soft starters may be configured in accordance with the requirements of the specific application of technological equipment. Fields of application ABB soft starters: pumps, fans, industrial equipment, production lines, mixers.

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