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The AF146-30-00B-43 is a 1000 V IEC or 600 V UL three-pole AC contactor used to control motors up to 75 kW/400 V AC (AC-3) or 100 hp/480 V UL, and to switch power circuits up to 225 A (AC-1) or 200 A UL for general purpose applications.

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1SFL467001R1100AF146-30-00-11 24-60V AC/DC
1SFL467001R1111AF146-30-11-11 24-60V AC/DC
1SFL467001R1122AF146-30-22-11 24-60V AC/DC
1SFL467001R1200AF146-30-00-12 48-130V AC/DC
1SFL467001R1211AF146-30-11-12 48-130V AC/DC
1SFL467001R1222AF146-30-22-12 48-130V AC/DC
1SFL467001R1300AF146-30-00-13 100-250V AC/DC
1SFL467001R1311AF146-30-11-13 Contactor
1SFL467001R1322AF146-30-22-13 100-250V AC/DC
1SFL467001R1400AF146-30-00-14 250-500V AC/DC
1SFL467001R1411AF146-30-11-14 250-500V AC/DC
1SFL467001R1422AF146-30-22-14 250-500V AC/DC
1SFL467001R3100AF146-30-00-31 24-60V 50/60Hz 20-60V DC
1SFL467001R3111AF146-30-11-31 24-60V 50/60Hz 20-60V DC
1SFL467001R3122AF146-30-22-31 24-60V 50/60Hz 20-60V DC
1SFL467001R3200AF146-30-00-32 48-130V 50/60Hz - DC
1SFL467001R3211AF146-30-11-32 48-130V 50/60Hz - DC
1SFL467001R3222AF146-30-22-32 48-130V 50/60Hz - DC
1SFL467001R3300CONTACTOR AF146-30-00-33 100-250V
1SFL467001R3311CONTACTOR AF146-30-11-33 100-250V
1SFL467001R3322CONTACTOR AF146-30-22-33 100-250V
1SFL467001R3400CONTACTOR AF146-30-00-34 250-500V
1SFL467001R3411CONTACTOR AF146-30-11-34 250-500V
1SFL467001R3422CONTACTOR AF146-30-22-34 250-500V
1SFL467001R4200AF146-30-00-42 110-120V 50/60Hz
1SFL467001R4211AF146-30-11-42 110-120V 50/60Hz
1SFL467001R4222AF146-30-22-42 110-120V 50/60Hz
1SFL467001R4300AF146-30-00-43 220-240V 50/60Hz
1SFL467001R4311AF146-30-11-43 220-240V 50/60Hz
1SFL467001R4322AF146-30-22-43 220-240V 50/60Hz
1SFL467002R1100AF146-30-00B-11 24-60V AC/DC
1SFL467002R1111AF146-30-11B-11 24-60V AC/DC CONTACTOR
1SFL467002R1122AF146-30-22B-11 24-60V AC/DC
1SFL467002R1200AF146-30-00B-12 48-130V AC/DC
1SFL467002R1211AF146-30-11B-12 48-130V AC/DC
1SFL467002R1222AF146-30-22B-12 48-130V AC/DC
1SFL467002R1300AF146-30-00B-13 100-250V AC/DC
1SFL467002R1311AF146-30-11B-13 100-250V AC/DC CONTACTOR
1SFL467002R1322AF146-30-22B-13 100-250V AC/DC
1SFL467002R1400AF146-30-00B-14 250-500V AC/DC
1SFL467002R1411AF146-30-11B-14 250-500V AC/DC
1SFL467002R1422AF146-30-22B-14 250-500V AC/DC
1SFL467002R3100AF146-30-00B-31 24-60V 50/60Hz 20-60V DC
1SFL467002R3111AF146-30-11B-31 24-60V 50/60Hz 20-60V DC
1SFL467002R3122AF146-30-22B-31 24-60V 50/60Hz 20-60V DC
1SFL467002R3200AF146-30-00B-32 48-130V 50/60Hz - DC
1SFL467002R3211AF146-30-11B-32 48-130V 50/60Hz - DC
1SFL467002R3222AF146-30-22B-32 48-130V 50/60Hz - DC
1SFL467002R3300CONTACTOR AF146-30-00B-33 100-250V
1SFL467002R3311CONTACTOR AF146-30-11B-33 100-250V
1SFL467002R3322CONTACTOR AF146-30-22B-33 100-250V
1SFL467002R3400CONTACTOR AF146-30-00B-34 250-500V
1SFL467002R3411CONTACTOR AF146-30-11B-34 250-500V
1SFL467002R3422CONTACTOR AF146-30-22B-34 250-500V
1SFL467002R4200AF146-30-00B-42 110-120V 50/60Hz
1SFL467002R4211AF146-30-11B-42 110-120V 50/60Hz
1SFL467002R4222AF146-30-22B-42 110-120V 50/60Hz
1SFL467002R4300AF146-30-00B-43 220-240V 50/60Hz
1SFL467002R4311AF146-30-11B-43 220-240V 50/60Hz
1SFL467002R4322AF146-30-22B-43 220-240V 50/60Hz
1SFL467062R1122AF146B-30-22RT-11 24-60V
1SFL467062R1222AF146B-30-22RT-12 48-130V
1SFL467062R1322AF146B-30-22RT-13 100-250V
1SFL467062R1422AF146B-30-22RT-14 250-500V
1SFL467063R1122CONTACTOR AF146B-30-22-11 24-60V
1SFL467063R1222AF146B-30-22-12  48-130 V DC
1SFL467063R1322AF146B-30-22-13  100-250 V DC
1SFL467081R1112CONTACTOR AFS146-30-12-11  24-60V50/60HZ 20-60VDC
1SFL467081R1212CONTACTOR AFS146-30-12-12  48-130 V 50/60 Hz - DC
1SFL467081R1312CONTACTOR AFS146-30-12-13  100-250 V 50/60 Hz - DC
1SFL467081R1412CONTACTOR AFS146-30-12-14  250-500 V 50/60 Hz - DC
1SFL467081R3312CONTACTOR AFS146-30-12-33  100-250 V 50/60 Hz - DC, PLC input
1SFL467081R3412CONTACTOR AFS146-30-12-34  250-500 V 50/60 Hz - DC, PLC input
1SFL467082R1112CONTACTOR AFS146-30-12B-11  24-60V50/60HZ 20-60VDC
1SFL467082R1212CONTACTOR AFS146-30-12B-12  48-130 V 50/60 Hz - DC
1SFL467082R1312CONTACTOR AFS146-30-12B-13  100-250 V 50/60 Hz - DC
1SFL467082R1412CONTACTOR AFS146-30-12B-14  250-500 V 50/60 Hz - DC
1SFL467082R3312CONTACTOR AFS146-30-12B-33  100-250 V 50/60 Hz - DC, PLC input
1SFL467082R3412CONTACTOR AFS146-30-12B-34  250-500 V 50/60 Hz - DC, PLC input

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