F204 A-63/0,03

Residual Current Devices
ABB F204 A-63/0,03
70.00 EUR

The RCCBs F200 series assures protection to people and installations against fault current to earth. A large offer for standard instantaneous and selective AC and A types is completed with some configurations for special applications.

The main characteristics of 2CSF204101R1630 art. F204 A-63/0,03:

Product ID: 2CSF204101R1630

EAN: 8012542783602;
Catalog Description: F204 A-63/0,03 Residual Current Dev;

Product Net Width: 0.070 m;
Product Net Depth: 0.069 m;
Product Net Height: 0.085 m;
Product Net Weight: 0.360 kg;

Standards: IEC EN 61008;
Type of Residual Current: A type;
Number of Poles: 4;
Rated Residual Current: 30 mA;
Power Loss: Per Pole 4.4 W;
Rated Current (In): 63 A;
Rated Voltage (Ur): 230/400 V;
Position of Neutral Terminals: Right.