ABB R8I WIRE SET 8 3AXD50000002725

ACS880 Аccessories
ABB R8I WIRE SET 8 3AXD50000002725
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Produced inCroatia Finland
Сustoms Tariff Code85444290
Weight0.1 kg

ABB cable harness is an aggregation of cables or wires that are packaged in bunches and used to transmit signals and power. Cables are connected by belts, links, pipelines, sleeves, sheaths or a few combinations of every one of them. The cable assembly is usually made of flexible plastic that ties the wires and cables together. The tow may have a still diameter, demonstrated by a split weaving tow, which grants a stronger construction and may offer extra functions, such as UV protection. The harness can also be scalable, with a wicker design that can broaden to a specific diameter, since it holds more cables or wires. The braided harness has a fireproof material to reduce the risk of fire.

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