ABB ACS880-104-0340A-5 3AXD50000037069
ACS880-104 Inverter Drive Modules (INU)

ABB ACS880-104-0340A-5 3AXD50000037069
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Item Number: ACS880-104-0340A-5 3AXD50000037069
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Weight0.001 kg
Produced inFinland
Сustoms Tariff Code85044088

ACS880-104-0340A-5 is very striking for machine manufacturers. Any industrial applications can make use of it. For people who would like to modernize their old plants, using these products is a good idea.

Functional security features are used in low voltage AC drives. Machine operators could ensure safety when using the equipment. It has complied the security feature requirements as directed by the concerned agency.

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