ABB ACS880-104-0018A-5 3AXD50000037176
ACS880-104 Inverter Drive Modules (INU)

ABB ACS880-104-0018A-5 3AXD50000037176
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Weight6 kg
Item Number: ACS880-104-0018A-5 3AXD50000037176
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Produced inFinland
Weight6 kg
Сustoms Tariff Code85044088

Functional security features are applied in low voltage AC drives. Machine operators could guarantee safety when making use of the equipment. Security feature requirements as led by the concerned agency are used into it.

By using ACS880-104-0018A-5, manufacturers can achieve desired production at all times. They're versatile and could be utilized in various industries.


  • Any Alegría
    24.04.2023, 14:46
    Hello, good morning.

    Please help me with the information of the team that you quoted me in the month of December.

    I want to know if it includes: ZCU-14 control card, ZMU memory, ACS-AP-W Panel, base for cabinet panel, FDCO-01 communication module, FENA-11 (MOTOR PROTECTION) module.

    Best regards.

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