ABB ACH480-04-04A1-4 3AXD50000275458

ACH480/ACS480 specific drives
ABB ACH480-04-04A1-4 3AXD50000275458
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ABB Type Designation:ACH480-04-04A1-4
Minimum Order Quantity:1 piece
Quote Only:No
Number of Phases:3
Output Power, Normal Use:1.5 kW
Product Name:Frequency Converter
Order Multiple:1 piece
Made To Order:No
Invoice Description:ACH480-04-04A1-4 Pcont.max:1,5kW, Icont.max:3,8A
Output Current, Normal Use:4 A
Customs Tariff Number:85044084
Country of Origin:Finland (FI)
Output Power, Light-Overload Use:1.5 kW
Product Main Type:ACH480-04-04A1-4
Selling Unit of Measure:piece
Global Commercial Alias:ABB ACH480-04-04A1-4
Input Voltage (Uin):380 … 480 V
Catalog Description:ACH480-04-04A1-4 Pcont.max:1,5kW, Icont.max:3,8A
Product ID: ABB3AXD50000275458
Frequency (f):50/60 Hz
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