ABB 3GBP252210-ADG

ABB 3GBP252210-ADG
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3GBP162420-ADG (M3BP 250 SMA 4) is ABB low voltage Cast Iron Motor with high level of efficieny.  Material of enclosure is cost iron so they excel by heightened characteristics of efficiency and reliability.
They have 4 poles, output power 55 kW and input voltage 400-460 V. These AC motors are highly safe due to IP55 level of protection.
Elaborating work and wide knowledge of specialists of the ABB Company was embodied in high level of customization of ABB equipment. Every ABB motors can be suitable with all low voltage equipment.

Technical Parameters of 3GBP252210-ADG:
ABB Type: M3BP 250 SMA 4.
Height: 1000 m.
Case material: BP Cast iron.
Temperature: 40°C.
Nominal power: 55kW.
Voltage: 400 – 460 V.
Weight: 415 kg.
IC Class: 411.
IM Class: IMB3 IM1001.
IP Class: 55.
Poles number: 4.
Frequency: 50-60Hz.
Customs Number: 85015230.
Bearing: 6315 / C3.
Bearing NDE: 6213 / C3.
Frequency: 50Hz.
Speed: 1480 - 1782 r/min.
Insulation class: ICLF.

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